Six Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon) by SM Reine

Six Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon)

Six Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon)

Rylie's parents are going through a messy divorce. They send her to summer camp to get her out of the way of their fighting lawyers, but she's just as miserable at the girls' camp as she was at home-- there's nothing vegetarian for her to eat at the mess hall, she hates hiking and archery, and the other campers taunt Rylie mercilessly.

One night, the bullying goes too far, and Rylie runs away. She doesn't get far. It's a full moon, and she isn't alone in the forest. A wild animal mauls her. She's certain she won't survive.

Instead of dying, she wakes up unharmed in her cabin the next morning. The only sign that something has changed are the healed scars on her chest, her increasingly keen senses, and her sudden craving for raw, bloody meat. A boy from the other camp seems to know what's happening to her, but Rylie isn't sure if she can trust herself with Seth.

Rylie soon learns that she only has until the end of summer before she becomes just like the monster that attacked her: a man-eating werewolf hungry for human flesh. Unless she can find a cure, she's only six moons away from transforming forever and losing her life to the hunger...
Kindle Edition
Published April 25th 2011 (first published March 15th 2011) 
(My Thoughts)         5   STARS
As I got a little ways into Six Moon Summer, I was starting to get worried about how I was going to review this story. I have never disliked a main character as much as Rylie before, but I told myself I was going to finish the story before I passed too much judgment on her. I'm so glad I did, because it wasn't until the end of the book that I realized it was the author’s intention to make me dislike her, or I should say dislike Rylie's attitude toward life and other girls. I have never read a book that took this tactic. I mean sure, the main character usually has to show character growth and become strong in his or her character, but I have always liked them during this process. With Rylie I really just wanted to smack her. So hats off to you Ms. Reine for being such amazing writer. Ms. Reine definitely pulled me into this story and had me feeling very strongly—my emotions were all over the place. I know I’ll love Rylie in the second book of this series. She really grew from the beginning of this story to the end to become a better person. I do like Seth. He also starts to have more personality toward the end. I know I'm really going to enjoy seeing where Rylie and Seth’s relationship goes in the next book. I guess I really don't have to say that Six Moon Summer has a strong, keep-you-turning-the-pages plot; you can tell by my review that I had strong feelings, but the plot is action-packed and interesting. The writing itself is great. It reads clearly and I inhaled it in a day.  Six Moon Summer is an amazing novel. It’s definitely A must read!! 

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