Crushed Sugar (Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, Novella #1) by Kimber An

Crushed Sugar (Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, Novella #1)

Crushed Sugar (Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, Novella #1)

Be careful what you wish for.

Ophelia’s had a wicked crush on Martin since they were kids, but she was always just his geeky little friend. Then, on the first day of her junior year, he’s suddenly and wildly attracted to her. She can’t imagine what’s changed, but shocking her small school’s social order fills her with vindication for insults suffered.

Ophelia meets Adrian right after and true love extinguishes the wicked crush. In secret, he gives her courage against a specter threat.

Tristan Li is pale and hungry, and draws Martin’s immediate ire. He knows things about Ophelia which she assumes are delusions brought on by an aggravated illness like her own, diabetes. When battle breaks out between his ancient race and new blood, even the courage of her secret love might be crushed.
ebook, 50 pages
Published March 25th 2011 by Decadent Publishing (first published March 23rd 2011) 
(My Thoughts)     5  STARS!!!!!
Crushed Sugar is a prequel to Sugar Rush. I can't wait to read Sugar Rush. This novella was good insight to all the characters, and what the storyline will be about. I so want to read Sugar Rush now. The wicked storyline in this prequel pulled me right in, and I have to know how all this with Ophelia, Adrian, Tristan, and Martin turns out.

Ophelia's has three guys that came into her life to stir things up. Martin has been in her life since childhood. He’s the hot, gorgeous jock that all the girls drool over and want to claim, but Martin knows he's hot and just uses girls. He knows a girl’s name for five minutes in the back seat of his SUV and the next morning he doesn't even look at them. We all have known guys like this in high school, but Martin is the guy Ophelia’s been crushing on for the last two years. This is where things start getting weird as Martin becomes interested in Ophelia, and making a total idiot out of himself to be with her. But there’s two new guys that come onto the scene at Togo High—Adrian and Tristan—and there’s something strange about these two dark gorgeous guys. I just got to know what. Crushed Sugar made me hungry for more. I’m definitely going to go read the first book Sugar Rush by Kimber An. I gotta feeling it’s definitely going to be a rush of mystifying twisted wickedness with Adrian and Tristan. I recommend Crushed Sugar as a must read!


  1. Thanks so much for reading CRUSHED! I'm so glad you liked it. Getting a series balanced and building is so hard from story to story. I hope you like SUGAR RUSH too. And, I just turned in the third story, SWEET BYTES, to my publisher. Tristan is a major character in it. Happy reading!

  2. Haven't heard of this one very cute cover!! I'll have to check it out did you read it in paperback or as an e-read?

    Ya Book Haven

  3. Thank-You Kimber, Glad you liked the review! :)I enjoyed Crushed Sugar so much, can't wait to read both books. :)

  4. Hi Jessilyn, I read Crushed Sugar in e-book. You can find Crushed Sugar at Amazon,B&N,and Decadent Publishing.


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