Falling Through Glass by Kit Forbes

Falling Through Glass

When she accepts a walk-on role in an historic action film, the last thing nineteen year old Emmi Maeda expects is to be zapped to the Kyoto of 1864, via an antique mirror, but she is. She soon finds herself chased, attacked, and practically seduced by sword wielding samurai and put on the marriage market by an ancestor.

On the upside, her arranged husband, Kaemon, is a hunk (and a real live prince). On the downside, Emmi accidentally kidnaps the future Emperor of Japan, and Kae might have to kill her then commit ritual suicide to atone for Emmi's misdeed.

SPECIAL WARNING: Action-hero violence and sexual situations.
ebook, 213 pages
Published May 23rd 2011 by Noble Romance Publishing - Young Adult

 (MY THOUGHTS)    5  STARS!!!!!
 I fell in love with Falling Through Glass. Kit Forbes has written one amazingly beautiful love story. Kae and Emmi’s romance gave me goose bumps. This is why I read romance! For a few hours, I can be swept away into a fantasy of swooning love, and say, “Aww! That was such a great book.” Kit Forbes, thank you! Falling Through Glass with Kea and Emmi is now one of my favorites love story. Now I have to go face reality and cook dinner lol. But I’ll be taking Kea with me :)

Emmi is nineteen and an independent twenty-first century young lady. But when she gets swept back into 1864 Kyoto, things are a little bit different for a lady. Speaking her mind could be damaging to her heath.

Kea is a gorgeous samurai. And prince Kea is definitely a lady's man, but Emmi has put a little damper on Kea's love life, and changed his nineteenth century "man rules" style. However, in Kea and Emmi’s case, opposites do attract, and it’s hard and fast with these two. Which is understandable if you think about the one hundred and forty year difference between these two. But after Kea and Emmi find each other, they’re not going to let time deny them love.

Falling Through Glass has all the romance I want in a book, plus laughs, tears, and a beautiful ending. I highly recommend it as a must read, and I think dinner can wait. Reading Kea and Emmi’s love story again sounds better to me :)

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