True Intentions by Lisa Kuehne

True Intentions

True Intentions

Ava O'Brian is dealing with more than a teenager's typical temptations of right versus wrong. Ava is unaware she possesses a rare and unique gift, a soul with the ability to influence. Unfortunately, Satan will stop at nothing to gain control of her special ability.

Ava's faith is seriously shaken when she is the sole survivor of the car accident that kills her father and twin brother. When she relocates and faces the ultimate temptation in Samuel Perry, her mysterious classmate living on earth since 1798 to tempt and damn mankind, Ava isn't sure she can resist.

Sam must decide if he will lead Ava straight into the devil's trap or place his immortal existence on the line in order to keep her alive.

What ultimate price is Ava willing to pay for love? What if it means giving up her life or turning over her soul straight into Satan's hands for the boy of her dreams?
ebook, 257 pages
Published May 23rd 2011 by Noble Romance Publishing - Young Adult

True Intentions definitely had me biting my nails. Lisa Kuehne has penned an incredible trudging storyline where opposites do attract. I was teetering on the edge of my seat with the suspense between Ava and Sam. When you get to the end and think its going to happen for Ava and Sam, Kuehne gives you an intense cliffhanger. I will definitely be watching and waiting for the second book in the True Intentions series.

Sixteen-year-old Ava is going through a lot after her twin brother and father dies. But when she meets the bad boy at her new school, Sam, the most gorgeous boy she’s ever seen, she starts to feel safe. Like she can let love into her life again. Then she discovers Sam is not who she thought. Ava has a special gift; she can influence good, where Sam is the opposite, the tempter of evil. But Ava is determined her love for Sam will save him, and Sam is determined his love for Ava is going to protect her as they fight against the ultimate evil that’s trying to destroy them both.

There is a love triangle going on, and this is where Will comes in. Will is a gorgeous mystery I haven't made my mind up about yet. I'm looking forward to more of what his true intentions are in the next book. I definitely want to know what gorgeous Will is all about.

True Intentions is true to its title, the suspense and mystery of fining out everybody’s true intentions pulled me in and had my heart racing. I recommend as a must read.   


  1. What a beautiful cover! Wow, she loses her twin brother and her father, now that is a setup for an intense novel! I'm adding this one to my list. Thank you!

  2. Hi Heather,
    True Intentions, is a great book :)


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