Sweet Bytes (Ophelia Dawson Chronicles,#3) by Kimber An

Sweet Bytes (Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, #3)

Sweet Bytes (Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, #3)

Ophelia’s escape from Martin, an Addicted Newblood, came at a terrible sacrifice. Adrian, the boy she loves, is now infected and hunted like vermin.
As her new Protector, Tristan Li represents the Oldblood determination to destroy Adrian, along with all the Newbloods, addicted or not.
In her grief, Ophelia hates everything about Tristan, until his subtle strength empowers her to resist being turned into a vampire by the High Prefect.
As Tristan helps Ophelia harness her empathic ability, his need for redemption rings in her heart. Her own strength grows, along with her passion for freedom.
The veil of mourning lifts.
The evil of Martin returns.
Ophelia seizes ownership of her destiny.
ebook, 211 pages
Published October 17th 2011 by Noble YA 

(MY THOUGHTS)   5  Hearts!!!!!
Sweet Bytes is the third book in Ophelia Dawson Chronicles. Kimber An lived up to my expectations and this series keeps getting more intense with each book. Kimber An has deepened the plot with oldbloods and newbloods. Ophelia also comes to know her destiny in Sweet Bytes, along with her twin sister Bianca. Tristan is bought back in this book and I have waited to see more of him. I fell in love with him in the first book Crushed Sugar, but I got my heart broken over Tristan in Sweet Bytes. Kimber An has created fantastic world with oldbloods, newbloods, shape shifters, empaths, and even griffin knights and all the characters are awesome and well-developed. I love every one of them.

Ophelia has to face a lot of truth about who she is and what her destiny will be. Ophelia will also know the pain of losing another she loves. Even though Adrian is her soul-mate and the love of her life, Ophelia finds out you can love two at the same time and her heart will be broken. She will come to understand it’s better to of love and lose, then to never of know that love at all.

Ophelia grows up a lot in this book. She's a geek who is determined to know her destiny as a Borean empath. It's going to give her the power to protect and fight for her loved ones, and for her soul-mate, if she's ever going to be free from the newbloods and Triumvirate.

I have to give a teaser from Sweet Bytes. It was just a great line from Maya who is one of the oldblood protected: "Your own fame is spreading, Ophelia," said Maya. "The Triumvirate will soon have a price on your head so high every Malevolent wienie on the block will take a shot.”

I love the Ophelia Dawson Chronicles and Kimber An’s writing. She is an awesome author and Sweet Bytes is another fantastic book in Ophelia and Adrian's fight to be together and their fight against the Triumvirate. I highly recommend Sweet Byes as a must read.

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  1. Thank you so much! Wow, a five heart review from someone I'm not biologically related to! Okay, I must now go and gush about it to anyone who will listen and read!

    It's been exciting and painful to watch Ophelia grow up.

    My daughter has an imaginary friend, I have an imaginary daughter. Crazy, huh?


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