The Predicteds by Christine Seifert

The Predicteds

                            The Predicteds


Your future is not your own...
"We wanted to know what makes a good kid good and a bad kid bad. Can you blame us for that? We found an astoundingly, marvelously simple answer: The brain isn't so much a complicated machine as it is a crystal ball. If you look into it, you will see everything you want to know."
-Dr. Mark Miliken, senior researcher at Utopia Laboratories
Who will it be?
Will the head cheerleader get pregnant?
Is the student council president a secret drug addict?
The whole school is freaking out about PROFILE, an experimental program that can predict students' future behavior.
The only question Daphne wants answered is whether Jesse will ask her out...but he's a Predicted, and there's something about his future he's not telling her.
Paperback, 342 pages
Published September 1st 2011 by Sourcebooks Fire 

(MY THOUGHTS)      5  HEARTS!!!!!
The Predicteds definitely had me biting my fingernails in this intense Science Fiction mystery. Christine Seifert has created a world where you are guilty until proven innocent. The teenagers in Quiet High are being Profiled to predict who will be a murder, thief, drug addict, or just a loser. And if you knew the person sitting next to you in school, or the guy you fall in love with, is going to be a killer, would you trust your heart? Or would you trust the technology of science? Christine Seifert definitely doesn't sugar-coat this story. I'm so glad that Seifert didn't hold back with these good and bad teenagers.

Daphne and her mom has just move to the small town of Quiet. Daphne has no ideal she just started school as a lab rat in experimental program. And she has her doubts about the Profile program, until she finds herself in situations that make her judge the one person she thought she could trust according to a piece of paper.

Jesse has secrets, and his good and dark side is confusing to Daphne. She wants answers, answers
Daphne’s not getting from Jesse. Jesse just wants Daphne to believe in him, but with Jesse still having a close relationship with his ex-girlfriend, one that's just a little too close for Daphne to trust that nothing is going on between them, and the rumors she hears about him around school with yet another ex-girlfriend, trusting her heart is going to be hard. Especially when a piece of paper says Jesse is a Predicted and what Jesse is predicted to become. Love might not be enough for what Daphne fears could be the truth about Jesse.

I could not put The Predicteds down. I had to find out the truth of the mystery of the predicted. I recommend The Predicteds as a must read. This Science Fiction could be our future sooner than we think.

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