The Ruby Kiss (The Magic Knot #4) by Helen Scott Taylor

The Ruby Kiss

           The Ruby Kiss (The Magic Knot #4)


Nightshade hungers to bring the strong and beautiful to their knees beneath the ecstasy of his bite, but he has never known sexual lust—not until he meets Ruby McDonald, the curvy redhead who wields attitude and strength like an ax, and who would be the perfect mother of his children. Caught in a clash between the Seelie and Unseelie courts, he vows not only her survival but also to win her heart.

Plagued by magic inherited from a father she never knew, Ruby wants answers. Nightshade has them. And when he crashes into her bedroom late one night, the fairy’s silvery eyes, dark intensity, and striking black wings tempt her with a whole lot more: a mysterious world waiting to be explored, a dangerous love that binds her in body, mind, and spirit…and the children she thought she could never have. Ahead looms a choice between freedom and a power some would kill to possess. Should she deny her desires, or succumb to the seduction of… THE RUBY KISS
Paperback, 304 pages
Published December 28th 2010 by Leisure Books (Mm) 

 (MY THOUGHTS)      4  HEARTS!!!!!
The Ruby Kiss is the fourth book in the Magic Knot series. So if you haven't read the other three books in this series, and you start with The Ruby Kiss, you will think it’s going a little fast with Nightshade and Ruby and I say that cause that's what happened with me.( Oops) But even if I didn't read the first books in this series, Helen Scott Taylor has such a clear descriptive way of writing, and each book is about a different character with in the series, I had no problem getting right into Nightshade and Ruby's character even though they were introduced in the early books. Know with that said, I really enjoyed this fantasy world with fairies, Nightstalkers, shape-shifters, and magic knot-binding to the love of your life.

Ruby has a problem with giving up any control of her life. She likes her independent lifestyle. She never knew her father. The only thing she does know about him, is he’s a supernatural being and she inherited his power that she refers to as her affliction. But the world she wanted no part of comes crashing through her window in the form of a gorgeous guy who is a fairy with angel wings and has the bite of a vampire. Ruby knows her world is never going to be the same after meeting Nightshade. Because of her father, she finds out she’s the next Mistress of the Beasts, which the Unseelie King wants her even if Ruby by law belongs to her father's court of the Seelie. Ruby doesn't want either one of the courts, but she does want Nightshade the nightstalker, but even that’s going to be a rough one for Ruby who doesn't want anybody in control of her life but her.

I love Ruby and Nightshade's romance. And Ruby learning that falling in love does not mean she’s giving up control, but it’s trusting the one you love to share the responsibility of your life. I recommend The Ruby Kiss has a great and fun read.

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