A Taste for Passion (Kendrians #1) by Patrice Michelle

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          A Taste for Passion (Kendrians #1)


Rana Sterling finally finds the man of her dreams and BOY does he know how to push all the right buttons. Only, Mr. Tall, Dark and Too-Good-to-Be-True turns out to be just that; he's a real live, fanged vampire! Lucian Trevane has a duty to fulfill. He's expected to take the role of Vité, leader of the vampires in three days. But he knows he won't take the position without his wife by his side. Now, after seventy years of searching for his reincarnated fiancé, he finally finds the woman of his dreams in Rana Sterling. Rana may respond to his lovemaking, but she refuses to become his vampire wife. As if their lives aren't complicated enough, throw in a vengeful vampire, a surprise twist, and the fact Rana and Lucian can't deny the strong attraction that exists between them and you've just stepped into A TASTE OF PASSION.

Trade Paperback, 172 pages
Published August 28th 2003 by Ellora's Cave 

 (MY THOUGHTS)     5 HEARTS!!!!!   Adult Paranormal Romance
A Taste for Passion is HOT! HOT! HOT! I love the way Patrice Michelle wrote Lucian's character. This man knows what to say to a woman. I kept thinking: why can't men really talk this way? Then I remember, oh yeah, it’s only those sexy, gorgeous vampire guys that can talk heart-swooning romance. But this is why I read books, and author Patrice Michelle is definitely an awesome Romance author. Michelle pulled me into this fantastic vampire world. And I will be reading more about these gorgeous vampire men of the five vampire clans in the rest of the series.

Rana, who has just lost her grandfather, walks into an antique store trying to take her mind off the grief she feels for her grandfather. She buys an antique ring, but this is no ordinary ring. Lucian has put a spell on the ring so that when a woman—the only one who can be his mate—puts it on, it will release a smell that only he and his mate can smell. There’s only one problem with this, Rana’s not ready to become a vampire mate, and definitely not keen on the idea of being Lucian's reincarnated fiancée.

Lucian is of the Kantrians clan, and it’s time he takes his position as the new Vite to lead the five different clans. Now, after waiting eighty years for his mate, Lucian has found her and he's ready for Rana to stand by his side and to become the Vite. But Kraid is of the the Ruean clan and has his own plans of who the next Vite leader will be. And Kraid is going to make sure its not going to be the human lover Lucian.

A Taste for Passion is true to its title. The romance between Rana and Lucian is beautiful and passionate, along with fantastic drama and action. I also enjoyed the sneak peek of the first chapter to the next book in this series, A Taste of Revenge, that takes you into Ian of the Ruean clan’s story. I recommend A Taste for Passion as must read.

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