Under the Never Sky (Under The Never Sky #1) by Veronica Rossi

Under the Never Sky

Under the Never Sky (Under The Never Sky #1)


Aria is a teenager in the enclosed city of Reverie. Like all Dwellers, she spends her time with friends in virtual environments, called Realms, accessed through an eyepiece called a Smarteye. Aria enjoys the Realms and the easy life in Reverie. When she is forced out of the pod for a crime she did not commit, she believes her death is imminent. The outside world is known as The Death Shop, with danger in every direction.

As an Outsider, Perry has always known hunger, vicious predators, and violent energy storms from the swirling electrified atmosphere called the Aether. A bit of an outcast even among his hunting tribe, Perry withstands these daily tests with his exceptional abilities, as he is gifted with powerful senses that enable him to scent danger, food and even human emotions.

They come together reluctantly, for Aria must depend on Perry, whom she considers a barbarian, to help her get back to Reverie, while Perry needs Aria to help unravel the mystery of his beloved nephew’s abduction by the Dwellers. Together they embark on a journey challenged as much by their prejudices as by encounters with cannibals and wolves. But to their surprise, Aria and Perry forge an unlikely love - one that will forever change the fate of all who live UNDER THE NEVER SKY.
Hardcover, US, 400 pages
Expected publication: January 3rd 2012 by HarperCollins 
(MY THOUGHTS)      5 HEARTS!!!!!
Under the Never Sky is a beautiful dystopian love story. Veronica Rossi’s writing is beautiful. You're going to hear the word beautiful a lot in this review along with amazing, because that’s the way this story made me feel while I read. Rossi's dystopian world is amazing with Dweller, Outsider, disease, mutative, cannibals and the aether sky. And this is just the tip of this fantastic world. Most of all what I loved about this novel was the love between Perry and Aria. Rossi's went beyond romance this was beautiful love happening with Perry and Aria. It was truly intimate between these two main characters. Under the Never Sky is written from Perry and Aria's alternating POVs, and I love when the author does this, that pulls me deeper into story to see the guy’s feelings as well as the girls. Rossi also left me with an incredible heart-throbbing cliffhanger. All I could do after reading the last sentence in this novel was to release a gasp and say I love this story.

Aria is seventeen and she’s called a dweller. Dwellers live in a protected Realm behind a pod wall because the world outside this pod is called the Death Shop where there is a million ways to die. Aria becomes the Consuls escape goat, and Consul blames her for a crime she didn't do and is cast out into the Death Shop. There she meets Perry, who is eighteen and an Outsider, and his nephew has just been kidnap by the Dweller. Perry finds Aria, and he wants her for only one reason, and that’s to get him into the Reverie to get his nephew back. Aria has no choice but to go with Perry, but Aria makes a deal with Perry that she will help if he helps find her mother that has been sent to the Bliss realm.

Aria has been raised her whole life to believe Outsiders are savages, and Perry, with his mutative ability, and cold, rude, and eerie animal ways, Aria has no doubt what she’s been taught is true. But on this journey together to save their love ones. They are going find who the real savages are and the love that will change them and the world they live in forever.

Under the Never Sky is an amazingly beautiful love story that I fell in love with the characters and the dystopian world. I highly recommend Under the Never Sky as a must, must read.


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