New Girl by Paige Harbison

New Girl

                                  New Girl


They call me 'New Girl'...

Ever since I arrived at exclusive, prestigious Manderly Academy, that’s who I am. New girl. Unknown. But not unnoticed—because of her.

Becca Normandy—that’s the name on everyone’s lips. The girl whose picture I see everywhere. The girl I can’t compare to. I mean, her going missing is the only reason a spot opened up for me at the academy. And everyone stares at me like it’s my fault.

Except for Max Holloway—the boy whose name shouldn’t be spoken. At least, not by me. Everyone thinks of him as Becca’s boyfriend but she’s gone, and here I am, replacing her. I wish it were that easy. Sometimes, when I think of Max, I can imagine how Becca’s life was so much better than mine could ever be.

And maybe she’s still out there, waiting to take it back.
Paperback, 304 pages
Expected publication: January 31st 2012 by HarlequinTeen 
 (MY THOUGHTS)          5  HEARTS!!!!!
New Girl is an intriguing, fantastic mystery that grabbed me from the first page. I couldn’t put this novel down. I had to uncover all the secrets surrounding Becca Normandy at Manderley Academy. Paige Harbison’s writing is a breath of fresh air. By that I mean, she gives you the real teens of today. Harbison took me into the real teenagers’ world with their language, lifestyle, and romance—how teens are today. I love when an author does this. Paige Harbison delivers an awesome storyline in New Girl, with it done in two POV’s. One being told in the new girl’s present tense who starts Manderley Academy, and in the past-tense of Becca Normandy, who started Manderley Academy the year before.

When New Girl's parents surprise her in her senior year with an acceptance into New Hampshire boarding school, Manderley Academy, it’s no surprise that New Girl, who lives in St.Augstine Florida, doesn’t want to leave her home or her friends to be the New Girl at school, but she can't break her parents heart after getting her into this elite boarding school. When she gets to Manderley, New Girl finds out that the only reason she was accepted into Manderley, is because the new girl from last year, Becca Normandy, has been missing since the end of school last year. New Girl resembles Becca , and New Girl is now living in the shadow of Becca, which turns into a living torment for New Girl as she’s not seen for who she is, but for who Becca was. And when New Girl falls for Becca’s ex-boyfriend, that will be the biggest mistake she makes, and New Girl will live her senior year learning what the phrase, "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger" truly means. New Girl can't believe why, of all the guys she could have fallen for, why did it have to be Max Holloway?

New Girl is an intruding, eerie mystery, about one girl who lives for her own selfish needs and pleasures, that inflicts pain and hurt in the lives of others, and another girl who finds her true self, believing in who she is. I highly recommend New Girl as a must read.


  1. I can't wait to read this! :) It looks so good.

  2. Its really good Stephenie :) I know you will enjoy this one! :)

  3. It's sounds very different from a lot of what's out there right now, and I love that!

  4. It is different Heather,It's a contemporary with a tiny touch of paranormal and you will also see why I say "New Girl" so much in my review after you read this book :) can't spoil that for you lol!

  5. I was on the fence about this one but now I think I need to add to my wishlist!! Great Review!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  6. Thanks Melissa so glad you like the review! :)


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