Pretty Crooked (Pretty Crooked #1) by Elisa Ludwig

Pretty Crooked

           Pretty Crooked (Pretty Crooked #1)

High school sophomore Willa and her artist mother move to Arizona where Willa starts attending an elite prep school after her mother finally sells some paintings, and Willa attempts to even things out by stealing from the rich students and giving to the poor ones.
Hardcover, 358 pages
Expected publication: March 13th 2012 by Katherine Tegen Books

 (MY THOUGHTS)     5 HEARTS!!!!!
 Pretty Crooked is full of heart, and a Chick-Lit novel that also deals with a serious subject and hard consequences. Even if the intentions were for good. Elisa Ludwig has written a beautiful heart-felt story about those who are less fortunate and the cruelty of others who seem to have more than their fair share. Elisa Ludwig also adds humor and romance that gives this serious storyline a lot of laughs.

Willa and her mom have had a hard life with her mom being a single mom, but their luck has just changed after her mom, who is an artist, sells her painting for big money. Now they move to Arizona, a beautiful house with a pool, and Willa goes to Valley Prep High School. Yeah, Willa and her mom are living the good life, and for first time Willa is hanging with the Glitterati—the "mean rich girls". Willa’s conscience starts to bug her when she realizes she can't be like the Glitterati who bully the girls who don't wear the expenses clothes, and who got into Valley Prep by scholarship. Willa wants to make those who have less become equals with the rich Glitterati girls, So Willa becomes the Valley Prep Robin Hood. Willa soon learns good intentions are not good enough and they will lead her down a road with no U-turn.

Aiden is the utterly hot rich guy, and Willa can't help falling him, but she is tough on Aiden. I felt really sorry for him. But Aiden is proof you shouldn't judge a person by what you see on the outside, he has his own good intentions for being a bad boy.

Pretty Crooked ends on cliffhanger that had me screaming, NO! don't end now. But Aiden sure did give this novel an awesome ending, and so did Elisa Ludwig. She definitely will have me do a repeat offence for the next book. I recommend Pretty Crooked as a must read.

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