Season's Change: Summer Book #1 by Mandy Harbin

Season's Change: Summer

                  Season's Change: Summer


Season Crete isn’t one for surprises, but at her surprise seventeenth birthday party, she gets a big one. She learns her mother isn’t really dead. Not only that, her guardian gives her a cryptic message about her mother’s return on her next birthday, mentioning something about mysterious changes she’ll be going through up until then. Seasons’ confusion takes a solemn turn when she discovers a death certificate with her name on it dated for her eighteenth birthday.

While desperately wanting to discover the truth about her mom and these so-called changes, Season is plagued with dreams about the weather, which she cannot explain. But she also finds herself focusing on a budding romance with the hottest guy in town, Don Davis, while trying to enjoy her summer vacation, knowing it may be her last.

When Season strikes up a friendship with newcomer Chrys Gorge, she soon discovers everything isn’t always as it seems as he explains the reality of mythical gods and the danger surrounding how she fits it. He holds the key to unlocking her family secrets, but he’s interested in more than just a friendship with her . . . . And he has the power of a prophesy on his side.

Can Season discover the truth about her heritage without losing the guy she’s falling in love with?
Published December 5th 2011 by Noble Young Adult 
(MY THOUGHTS)      5  HEARTS!!!!!
 Season's Change: Summer is based on Greek Mythology. Mandy Harbin recreates some of the most popular Greek myths and characters to write a wonderful, charming, and romantic story of her very own. Harbin captured my heart with Season and Don's breathtaking love story and some of the evilest villains of Greek Mythology. Harbin also ends this novel with the most intriguing cliffhanger that will definitely have me coming back for more of this heart-gripping mythical love.

Season has just turned seventeen, and Don—the gorgeous guy that she's been crushing on forever, but thought she could never have—has falling for her. Melissa, her guardian, who's taken care of her since she was a baby, just told her that her parents aren't dead and her mother is a Greek goddess. Talk about a surprise birthday party nightmare. Well not all of it as Don's the dream come true in this nightmare, or is he? Don has a little Greek surprise, too. Season is trying to get all the answer to her mysterious life before she turns eighteen, because if she thought her seventeenth birthday was a nightmare, her eighteenth could be a killer.

Season and Don's has waited a long time to make their feelings known for each other, and just when their romance turns into forever love, it’s just like a Greek god to mess it all up. The two problems for Season and Don is going to be Chry and Rota, and this is where I start screaming for the next book because this is one heck of cliffhanger with what's to come with Don.

Season's Change: Summer is fantastic and surprising new take on Greek mythology. Harbin takes from the old and puts her own fascinating twist to it. I recommend Season's Change: Summer as enthralling read.

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