Make Me (Demon Underground #4) by Parker Blue

Make Me (Demon Underground, #4)

   Make Me (Demon Underground #4)


Shapiro has a secret she’s desperate to keep—she’s lost her slayer powers. As the new guardian of the Encyclopedia Magicka, Val expected the books to give her powers to replace those that disappeared after she lost her “V card” to Shade. But the encyclopedia exacts a price for every spell, making the job of guardian a tricky proposition.

When a rogue demon kidnaps Val’s roommate Gwen and Micah, leader of the San Antonio Demon Underground, Val is plunged into the middle of a Solomon’s Choice. The rogue wants the dangerously potent Encyclopedia Magicka in exchange for her friends’ lives; the succubus leader of the Demon Underground in Austin is demanding the books be destroyed rather than let them fall into the wrong hands and wants Shade for herself, swearing to do everything she can to prevent Val’s turning over the books.

The kidnapping isn’t the only crisis Val faces. She’s been betrayed by Fang. Demons and vampires are disappearing. The vamps of the New Blood Movement are forcing Val to keep the terms of her agreement to work for them to combat this new threat.

The Demon Underground is challenging Micah's leadership, and everyone is depending on a now-powerless Val to set things right. Val needs all the help she can get. Even if it means forgiving Fang and spending time with a dangerously sexy cowboy-vampire.

Kindle Edition, 1st Edition, 224 pages
Published April 15th 2012 by Bell Bridge Books 

  I started reading the Demon Underground series two years ago and fell in love Val, a kick-ass vampire slayer. No,Val is not another Buffy. Make Me is the fourth book in this series and I have to say this one broke my heart for Val and Shade's relationship, but I'll get more into that later in my review. For now, I’d like to say Parker Blue is an awesome writer, and her style, which is strong, clear and lots of humor, always pulls me right in. The heroine, Valentine Shapiro (Val), who is one-eighth succubus, has a lust demon counterpart who she calls Lola. Parker Blue has also created an incredibly amazing world with demons, vampires, humans and magic. Val's character is absolutely fantastic. She's a tough girl with a sarcastic attitude who works with the good demons, vampires and humans to take out the rogue demons and vampires.

Val feels like she's in over her head this time, trying to help save the San Antonio demon underground, and the vampire leader Alejendro, from the mege demon named Asmodeus, who's after The Encyclopedia Magicka books of spells. Val thought she had enough on her plate with all this going on, until Dina, the leader of the Austin demon underground (who's also a succubus) who wants more than her fair share of power, sets her lusty eyes on Shade.

Val just has no luck in romance. Dan, who she had feelings for in the first book Bite Me, dumped her. But this was okay with me, because with Dan being human, it was clear he was the wrong guy, but I still thought he was a jerk for the way he did it. When Shade declared his feelings for Val, I was like, Yes, yes! Shade is an awesome guy, and I’ve always been Team Shade all the way through this series. And when Val and Shade finally got together, I was swoon happy for these two. I thought nothing could come between Shade’s love for Val. Parker Blue proved me wrong with my happily ever after for Val and Shade, but I didn't think Blue would rip my heart out and make me want to seriously dislike Shade for the way he treats Val. Yep, Blue turned my gorgeous, sweet guy Shade into a big jerk, because I can't see how all this falls on Val to take the blame.

Make Me is a big turning point with a lot of changes in Val's life, and her responsibly to the underground and her romance with Shade. Parker Blue has won my heart for the Underground series. I can't wait to see if she wins my heart back for Shade. Though there's still Austin, the vampire who I also have a soft spot in my heart for (hint, hint). I recommend Make Me and the Demon Underground series as a fantastic read with a strong heroine that you will love.

Teaser from Bite Me: “What are you?” he demanded. “A slayer?" I rolled my eyes. “The name's Val, not Buffy. Do I look like a blond cheerleader with questionable taste in men?”

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  1. Awesome review. I love this series. The only place we seem to disagree is in the romance department lol. I really liked Dan and for some reason, I didn't take to Shade. I am hoping we see some action with Austin in the next book :) I'm all about the vampires lol, I really want a hot sexy vampire for myself. I love that quote from Bite Me that you chose too.

    1. Suzanne I could live with Val and Austin hooking up ;) I'll always love the cocky sexy vampire and after Shade acted like this and did the deed. I definitely would love Austin and Val getting together ;)

  2. LOL! Love that excerpt. I haven't heard of this series but I'm totally intrigued. Thanks, I'll be checking it out.

  3. I love the snippet at the bottom haha! I love your review too I got really into the review, so I will be checking out this series... you have convinced me! It reminds me of one of Amelia Atwater's books!

  4. I love that snippet too :) I'll have to check out Amelia Atwater's books, Thanks for telling me about them Kayla! :)


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