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Retro Geeks

                     Retro Geeks

Retro Geeks is a Short on Time Books for Teens, fast-paced and fun novels for readers on the go. Remember when it wasn't cool to be a geek? That's so yesterday! Retro Geeks, chronicles the (mis)adventures of two self-proclaimed geek girls, Molly and Ally, as they attempt to land super-hot dates for their senior prom. The 80s obsessed BFFs attempt a variety of date-finding schemes, including spying on the popular girls for the 411 on fitting in, in their quest for top-tier prom dates.
Paperback, First Edition, 132 pages
Published March 29th 2012 by CreateSpace
  Retro Geeks is a hilariously funny short read that will also touch your heart. Karen Mueller Bryson has penned a beautiful story about two best friends who are finding their own identity apart from each other and learning to love who they are and growing in self-confidence to be proud of it.

Molly and Ally have been best friends forever. They also have a love for the 80s. They live for the 80s in their music, dress, and hairstyle—they are retro 80s’ geeks. This is their senior year and for once Molly and Ally would like to be in with the popular teens, and they want to go to their prom with the popular hot guys, which of course are the jocks, Tank and Hank.

Elisa is the Queen of Mean along with her want-to-be side-kick, Megan. Elisa loves to hurt others and to finish out her high school years of being queen of mean, her last mean deed to absolutely crush Molly and Ally and their hopes to go to the prom with hot guys. Elisa decides to give Molly and Ally what they want and lets them be a part of her popular group and have Tank and Hank ask them to the prom, but miss queen of mean is going to get some of her own mean back when Molly and Ally gives Elisa and Megan some long overdue karma.

Tucker and Dylan are the two guys that have been crushing on Molly and Ally. These two guys want so badly to ask the two girls to the prom. But Molly has her mind set on her and Ally being a part of the popular kids and going to the prom with two hot jocks. I love Tucker and Dylan. These guys are great as they never let their egos get bruised and they never lose hope to take Molly and Ally to the prom.

Retro Geeks is a wonderfully cute, fun story of two beautiful retro geek girls discovering who they are, and how to be proud of it. And also seeing that the real hot guys are just as geeky as them. I enjoyed that Bryson gives us some of the greatest hit songs of the 80s with the background story of the song artists. I recommend Retro Geeks as an awesome coming of age story and a hilarious “get even” with all the mean girls we all new in high school theme.
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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing Retro Geeks! I appreciate it!

    1. You're so very welcome Karen! Thank you for Molly and Ally's awesome characters :)

  2. Great review! It sounds like an awesome light, fun, summer contemporary read! That must SUCK, though, having a crush on a person who obviously doesn't like you back. Trust me, I've been there, so I have a feeling I'll be able to relate to Tyler and Dylan. :)

    Eileen @ ***Singing and Reading in the Rain***


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