Hearts of Fire (Deadglass 0.5) by Kira Brady

Hearts of Fire (Deadglass, #0.5)

        Hearts of Fire (Deadglass 0.5)

In the prequel to a stunning new paranormal series, one woman’s desire for a forbidden man will spark a centuries-long supernatural conflict—and a love nothing can destroy.

She’s the heiress to Seattle’s most powerful shifter clan. Her destiny is as controlled and certain as moonrise. However, from the moment Alice Corbette encounters the man known as Brand, she will defy all constraint and break every rule to make this dragon-shifter hers. Brand is determined to repay the clan leader he owes his life to. But one taste of Alice’s exquisite spirit will make him question his loyalty—and plunge them both into the middle of a ruthless power play. Their only chance at freedom is a gamble that could risk the future of humans and shifters alike…

 Adult Romance
Kindle Edition
Published June 26th 2012 by Zebra

  Hearts of Fire is Kara Brady's beautifully written prequel that introduces readers to Brady's new Deadglass series, a supernatural world of shape-shifter. Hearts of Fire gives the history of how this war of hate all begun between the Kivati and Drekar race in Settle in the year 1889. Also, how the forbidden love of a Kivati woman for a Drekar man fuels the fire of hate even further between the two supernatural races. And this war is still waging between the Kivati and Drekar in present day Settle in Brady's first novel Hearts of Darkness.

Alice is the eighteen year old daughter of the Kivati leader, Halian Corbette. Alice's father has moved the Kivati family to this new frontier of Settle to develop this land while the iron’s hot. But there’s someone else who wants the opportunities that Settle has to offer, Norgard the Drekar Regent. The Drekar's are the Kivati immortal enemy, and when Emory (Alice's brother) discovers that their greatest enemy is in Settle and that Alice has fallen in love with one, he swears he will kill every last one of them.

Alice has met her destiny in the dark, dangerous, and gorgeous Brand, and she’s not shy about making her claims of Brand to her family. But how cruel can destiny be when the man she loves is her immortal enemy? Alice feels like it's time for peace between the Kivati and the Drekar's. She also believes that Brand and her love will be strong enough to bring this peace, but she never realizes how strong her brother's hate is for the Drekar race. Alice will have to choose between the man she loves and the brother she's loved all her life.

Hearts of Fire is an immortal, racial war of hate between the supernatural Kivati and Drekar's with a beautiful, forbidden romance. I recommend Hearts of Fire as a captivating beginning to a steamy new paranormal series.

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  1. Hearts of Fire is a prequel right? I haven't heard anything about Deadglass, but it does sound like an amazing paranormal romance novel. It sounds awesome! I'm going to add it to my TBR right now!

    Thanks for stopping by my bloggy earlier! :)

    1. Hi Eileen, Yes Hearts of Fire is a Prequel. Kira Brady has written a new series, called the Deadglass and the first novel will be Hearts of Darkness, which will be release 8-7-2012. :)