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     (Brightest Kind of Darkness #2)


Once Nara combines her prophetic ability with Ethan’s power to outsmart Fate at his own deadly cat-and-mouse game, she’s more determined than ever to help Ethan learn the meaning behind the raven sword tattoo that suddenly appeared on his back after their confrontation with Fate.

During her quest to uncover the tattoo’s secrets, Nara enlists the help of some new friends and discovers her own surprising connection to Ethan.

While Nara digs deeper into the mystery, her desire for answers leads her down a dangerous path full of powerful and ruthless enemies. Swept into an age-old battle, Nara quickly learns that keeping one’s enemies close can be a necessary evil, making an intangible enemy she can control far more preferable to the human enemies she can’t.

Kindle Edition
Published July 9th 2012

Lucid is a fantastic sequel in the Brightest Kind of Darkness series. P.T. Michelle totally surprised me with Ethan! Even though we don't see him until the end of this book, when he does make his entrance, Michelle literally blew me away with Ethan's darker side and bad-ass altitude. This dark Ethan is well worth the wait. Nara is also changing. She is becoming a strong, kick-ass heroine. I loved seeing this stronger Nara. I definitely love where P.T. Michelle is taking this awesome series with Nara and Ethan, and the romance between them is getting sizzling hot!

Nara is still trying to figure out why the raven tattoo appeared on Ethan’s shoulder while he goes back home to try to restore his relationship with his parents. As Nara tries to find answers to who Ethan is, she opens the door to the evil Order, who's been trying to find her and who wants something she has. Nara will also discover that as her and Ethan's hearts intertwine with a love that's meant to be, she will be linked to Ethan's destiny.

A new character enters this series, and I'm really starting to like him. Drystan is an exchange student from England. He also has ability, and while Ethan’s away, Nara and Drystan become friends. And when Nara's life is in danger with the evil Order, Drystan becomes Nara's protector. He also teaches her self-defense. Needless to say, when Ethan returns, he's not happy about Nara being friends with Drystan, and Drystan doesn't like Nara being with Ethan. I can't wait to see in the next book where this is going with Drystan and what he's really up to.

In Lucid Nara is getting closer to finding out who Ethan is, but the closer she gets, Ethan seems to be getting farther away from her. Nara is determined to be Ethan's light in his darkness, and she’s not just fighting Fate but the Order, too. I recommend Lucid as a fantastic, dark read. 

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  P.T. Michelle is author of the young adult series BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS. When P.T. isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading or taking pictures of landscapes, sunsets and anything beautiful or odd in nature.

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  1. I haven't read these books yet, but I've been intrigued by The Brightest Kind of Darkness for a long time. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I hope I like them just as much :)

  2. This sounds like a great series. And I can't pass up a sizzling romance!

  3. This series sounds really interesting! I would like to learn about the secrets behind Ethan's tatoo! The main characters both sound like they will be entertaining to read about!

  4. This sounds like a great series. I'm intrigued by Ethan. The cover is so pretty too!