Death and the Girl Next Door (Darklight #1) by Darynda Jones

        Death and the Girl Next Door                           (Darklight #1)

Trade Paperback, 274 pages
Published October 2nd 2012 by St. Martin's Press
Death and the Girl Next Door is a fun, fun novel! Darynda Jones definitely doesn't slack on the sarcasm in this story. All the teenagers are hilarious, and have the sarcasm going on. I honestly can say I don't have a favorite character. Lorelei (Lor) is the main character, and she’s strong and witty. I quickly identified with Lor as she’s only five feet tall…yeah, I’m short, too. I love all these teens. Brookly and Glitch are Lor's two best friends. Jared and Cameron are the two gorgeous supernatural guys. Jared is in love with Lor, and Cameron is Lor's protector (no love triangle).

Lorelei sees visions, and when she meets Jared, the gorgeous new guy at her school, he's to die for, literally. And when the gorgeous loner guy Cameron starts stalking her, Jared and Cameron have instant hate for each other, and as they’re trying to kill each, little Lor is caught in the middle. But all she can do is drop some shin kicks between these two six-feet tall supernaturals. Lor’s life just got complicated; who she thought she was, is not who she really is, and Jared is a big part of that complication and mystery.

Lor can't keep her eyes off Jared, let alone her hands. Lor is Jared's forbidden fruit; she will be the death of him. This is kind of morbid for Jared considering who he is. Lor and Jared’s romance is sweet and deadly, and one I want more of.

Death and the Girl Next Door is absolutely hilarious. I loved these five teens that fight against the dark side. I recommend this novel as a great, fun paranormal read! 

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  1. It sounds good. Only one person on the cover really looks like they could be in high school so I wouldn't have thought it was YA. I'm surprised at St. Martin's design. Glad I read your review! I think I'll pick this one up.


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