Embracing You, Embracing Me by Michelle Bellon

       Embracing You, Embracing Me

Young Adult novel begins in a 90s Trailer Park, and hits hard. In a decade when image matters, when the so-called Generation X is swelling with 'future perfect' hopes and pride, 16-year-old Roshell McRady dances her way through High School, never quite admitting that she's ashamed of her trailer park family home. Meanwhile she listens to Madonna while conjuring creative Top Ramen recipes to feed her younger cousins; she empties enough hairspray until her bangs are feathered and vertical like a lethal weapon; and she agonises over how to convince Gabriel Harrison, the new Mystery Guy in town, to invite her to the prom - a night which threatens to turn into a disaster. But then life takes a dramatic turn for Roshell, and her life changes forever. A love story emerges from the anguish of Roshell's life, and when she leaves school and finds work at a casino, things don't get any less complicated for her - until one night a powerful dream marks out the exact path that she must take. Embracing You, Embracing Me has young adult humour and nineties-style cultural aspirations, but surprises with some hard-hitting moments that give the book a keen edge.
Paperback, 266 pages
Published May 7th 2012 by Fingerpress 
Embracing You, Embracing Me is one of those books that called to my heart for me to read. I never expected this novel to be so powerful, but Roshell's story is an enthralling, rip-your-heart-to-pieces read. Michelle Bellon created the most amazing, heart-wrenching love story, and it broke my heart completely in two. I love and adore Roshell and Gabriel. Roshell's character is strong yet vulnerable. Gabriel is a beautiful, strong guy who's trying so hard to hold onto the girl he loves. Roshell and Gabriel's story went deeper than romance; it was about commitment—about what it means to give your whole self; your mind, heart, body, and your life to one person that will be your forever true love.

Embracing You, Embracing Me starts with Roshell as she’s turning sixteen and going into her sophomore year, where she first meets Gabriel, who is a junior. Then takes us though the next six years of Roshell’s life till she’s twenty-one. Roshell's life is a dysfunctional one due to never knowing her father. But she still holding on to her one fantasy  of her knight in shining armor romance, until one horrible night at a party takes that away from her, and at sixteen reality slaps her in the face and her fear; all men are liars, cheaters, and then they leave you. So, in her dysfunctional world, her motto to protect her heart from getting broken becomes: "Have no expectations." Gabriel is Roshell's knight in shining armor, and all he needs is time to show her his love and wait for her.

Embracing You, Embracing Me is an emotional heart-ache. When all you can embrace is the memory of love. I highly recommend Embracing You, Embracing Me, as a heart-gripping love story that will never let you go and one that I totally fell in love with.  A must, must read!! 

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One of My Favorite Swoon scene from Embracing You, Embracing Me. But I will have to start this first sentence in the middle, so not to spoil the whole swoon for you! J

…… his hungry eyes roamed before meeting mine again, “You are beautiful.”

 A sigh escaped my lips when he softly kissed my neck. There was only sensation. Thoughts left me as I was lost to the roaring fire that filled my body. I thought;  this is how it’s supposed to be.

 “Gabriel.” His name came out in a whisper.

He hesitated and looked into my eyes. “Are you sure?”
In that moment, there was nothing or no-one that I would ever want more. He had asked and that meant more to me than he would ever know.



  1. Glad to hear you liked this one, I have had an ARC of it on my shelf since summer but usually I'm not one for emotional reads. I will definitely be moving it up my TBR list now though ^^

    1. I loved it Emily! But this book had me crying like a baby! I'm not one for emotional books either, but this book really is so beautiful and I loved it so much! It's one what will stay with me for a very long time! :)

  2. This sounds so good! And it hits home as that's the time I was that age! Yikes, I just dated myself. ;)

    1. Oh Heather, You have nothing on me! lol At that time I was becoming a grandma! lol! So who do you think feels old now! lol

  3. THis sounds just like something I would like. Thanks for that quote!
    Happy reading,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

    1. Brandi, I'm sure you will love this book, just be really to cry and cry some more! :(

  4. Hi all. Michelle Bellon here. I'm so glad to hear all this wonderful feedback. There is nothing more exciting for a writer than to hear that a story they wrote made such an impact.
    Please feel free to follow me on facebook under Michelle Bellon Author Page. I love to interact.

    All the best!


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