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                           Uses for Boys


Paperback, 240 pages
Release Date: January 15th 2013 by St Martin’s Press


Uses for Boys was not an easy novel to read, but it is one that touched my heart deeply for Anna. Because Anna's story is very true for some of today’s teen girls (and boys). So I will definitely say don't go into this book with fluff story on your mind. If you can't handle the hard, dark truth of what some teen girls lives are like today, then please don't read Anna's story. And I say that because I believe author Erica Lorraine Scheidt deserves to be praised for her writing of Anna's story and respected for telling the dark, ugly truth of what some teen girls lives are/could be like (not by their choice, but because of what they’re born into), with hope that they too will rise above this kind of lifestyle.

Anna has a family. That's the story she would tell herself, but that story is over for Anna when she turns six years old, and by the time she’s thirteen, boys have become her family. By the time Anna turns sixteen, she has already lived a hard life, but Anna will be one of the lucky ones. Her hard life has taught her the truth about love, family, and life, and that she is strong.

Anna is the main character and I adore her. I also loved Joy and Sam too, but there is another character that I fell in love with; Josh. Josh broke my heart. I can’t say any more, because I don’t want to spoil it for you, just that Josh really pulls at my heartstrings.

Uses for Boys is a book I fell in love with, because life is not perfect, and for some it's pure hell. I think even though Anna's story is fiction, her story is also can be very true for some teens in our world today and like Anna, I hope if they read this book they too will go forward. I recommend Uses of Boys as a dark brutal look at life's hardness, but also a story about hope and courage too. Uses for Boys is a beautiful break your heart read. 

Break my heart swoon for Anna and Josh:

“And then he hugs me. Really hugs me. Like he thinks that there's only one of me and I'm special and I'm enough for him. Like he doesn't need anything else. Like he was alone and then I came along.”

Author Spotlight:
Erica Lorraine
When Erica was a kid all she did was write. She dropped out of high school and attended the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University where she was surrounded by writers and artists.

But then, in Erica's early twenties, she got a job. She worked hard at that job for 15 years and didn't write a word.

Then this happened: Erica walked into a bookstore and bought two books by Francesca Lia Block. No particular reason, she just liked their covers. Then Erica read everything Francesca wrote. She read all the YA she could. She still does. Erica think's the world that happens between 13 and 17 is everything.

She quit her job. Studied writing. And then spent three and a half years writing Uses for Boys. Now she's working on a new novel and it's like falling down a hole. Writing her first novel taught her nothing about writing the next one.

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  1. Really great review! Thanks for participating :)

  2. I just finished this one a couple days ago and I knew it was going to be dark but I had no idea how emotionally draining it would be. It was gritty and awkward at times but it was also very realistic. Kind of scary how realistic it is. The fact that Anna was so mechanical when she was going through some horrible stuff only made my heart break more for her. I don’t think this book is for everyone but I do think it's a book everyone should read. Especially moms and girls.

    1. I know what you're talking about mechanical, but that didn't surprises me. I think the author was right on with the emotional shut-down, but I loved at the end when the light comes on for Anna and she figure it out and you seen her awaken. I could feel it through the author's writing Anna's character like her emotions came alive and I could feel her smiling and the love she could finally feel for herself and others. Thanks for stopping by Nereyda! :)

  3. I won this on Goodreads a while ago. I just finally received it yesterday. It is next on my to-read list!

    1. Congrats on winning this awesome book Amber! I hope you'll enjoy Anna's story as much as I did! :)