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                                                                                    Title: Girl with Guitar
                                                               Author: Caisey Quinn           
                                                          Release date: May 22, 2013
                                                                   Genre: Romance
                                             Age Group: New Adult (Mature 17+ content)
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Book Description:

After Kylie’s dad dies in a freak accident, he leaves her with nothing other than her crazy stepmother, Darla, and the ability to play guitar. When Darla kicks Kylie out and she loses her job all in the same day, she hops a bus to Nashville determined to make her late father’s dreams come true. Waitressing and saving her pennies to record a demo, her big break comes when she’s asked to join a tour going down the tubes with once platinum album-selling country music superstar Trace Corbin. But touring with Trace is hardly a dream come true since he’s pretty much drinking his career down the drain. If Kylie can’t pull Trace out of his rut, he’ll pull her and her dreams down with him.


Caisey Quinn is a wearer of cowgirl boots, writer, and avid reader. She is a lover of wine and is addicted to chai tea lattes. She is also the brand spanking new author of several New Adult romances including Girl with Guitar and soon to be released Keep Me Still (which may or may not include spanking).
Caisey is a Gemini, wife, mom, and former high school English teacher living in Birmingham, Alabama, who spends her days chasing a three-year-old and hiding away with her MacBook. She spends her nights writing and is a firm believer that sleep is overrated. Currently she is hard at work on Girl on Tour, the second book in the Kylie Ryans series.

                           Author social media links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

                                                                                          *** EXCERPT***

“Trace?” Pauly called from the front of the bus.
Kylie was already dressed so she stepped out of her room.
“Kylie, you seen Trace?”
“No, not recently, why?” No he was not doing this again. No fucking way. Pauly muttered something equally as harsh under his breath and stomped off the bus. Her mind raced. What was his freaking deal? Was he trying to get dropped from Capital Letter Records, the biggest damn label in Nashville? Whatever, not her problem. Him pulling another no-show where the audience would blame her and then the tour getting canceled before she could blink, that was her problem.
Kylie racked her brain as she made her way to the bar. Surely Pauly had checked the green room. Some bars, nice ones like this, had private party rooms for VIPs only, according to Tonya. If she could get into the one here at The Texas Player’s Club, she’d drag Trace Corbin out by his ass, stick her arm up it, and do his entire set ventriloquist style if she had do.
Pushing through the crowd, she found a back hallway backstage similar to the one at The Rum Room. After several failed attempts, she found a locked door with voices, mostly high-pitched female ones, coming from within.
Freaking hell, she did not want to think about what was happening on the other side of that door. But she had to get in somehow. Yanking a bobby pin from her hair, she took a deep breath to brace herself for whatever lewd acts she might be about to witness. Just as she was about to pick the lock like her dad had taught her to do in case she ever forgot her house key when he worked late, a male voice from behind her stopped her.
“No need to pick the lock, sweetheart. Pretty girl like you can come in as my personal guest.”


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