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I’m so excited to be a part of the Authors Are Rockstars Tour and to welcome one of my favorite authors, Cyn Balog to I Heart YA Books.

Cyn Balog is a Rock Star Author because I adore her writing style and the way she tells a story. I haven't read all of her books yet, but I plan to. SLEEPLESS was my first read from this author, and it was my first read from a guy's point of view. Balog captured my heart with Eron’s story, and it’s one of the reasons why I now love to read from the guy’s POV.  Nick in TOUCHED, for me, was instant love for the main character Nick Cross. Nick was all guy with his funny, sarcastic side, but he also has a protected and sensitive side. Cyn Balog is one of my favorite authors and her storytelling is not only fantastic but gripping.

Welcome to I Heart YA Books, Cyn! My question is: I love 'Touched!' I really enjoy reading from Nick's perspective. Do you prefer writing from a girl's or guy's POV? Which do you find more challenging?

 Cyn Balog

Why, thank you so much!!

For a long time, I thought I’d never be able to pull off a guy’s POV.  Guys have always been a mystery to me… growing up, I never had brothers or male friends. So for a long time, most of the stories I wrote featured a female main character, a version of me.
That quickly got boring, because heck, I’m boring.  There are only so many interesting characteristics I could have given myself before I started to run out of material. So I thought, why not write from a guy’s perspective?
I wasn’t sure if I could do it, so I started small. In SLEEPLESS, I alternated the POV between the male and female main characters. Also, the guy in Sleepless was from another era, so he was allowed to be different from “guys these days.”  In that way, I got through it. Obviously, it was easier to write from the female’s perspective, since that’s what I knew. With Eron’s POV, I kept stopping and thinking, “Is that right? Would a guy do that? Or is that too ‘female’?”
SLEEPLESS was so successful, it got me wondering if I could write a book purely from a guy’s perspective. When I wrote TOUCHED, I gave Nick a few atypical characteristics so that he isn’t just another guy. He’s extremely different. The common belief is that guys are more action and less contemplation, but I got around that because Nick has a mental condition—and it causes him to be in his head a lot. Also, he has no friends and has been raised entirely by his mother and grandmother, which one might argue gives him a more feminine side.  So while he does some typical male things, he also has a softer, gentler side.
The biggest danger with writing in a POV that’s different from one’s own is that unless the author hides his or her identity, it doesn’t matter how close you hit the nail on the head. Some readers are bound to say, “That doesn’t sound authentic at all.”  Every time I write in a guy’s perspective, I expect to hear that comment. But really, there is no “typical” guy or girl. There are some introspective guys who aren’t all into sex, just as there are plenty of girls out there who don’t obsess about their appearance.  So now, I just write for my character, keeping in mind their past experiences, who they are, and where they come from, and forget about the “typical”. After all, “typical” is too often boring!


                                                                ABOUT Cyn Balog

Cyn Balog is the author of the young adult paranormal novels FAIRY TALE, SLEEPLESS, STARSTRUCK, TOUCHED, and DEAD RIVER. She lives outside Allentown, Pennsylvania with her husband and daughters. Visit her online at

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