Swoon Thursday: SLOW BURN by Nicole Christie

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                                  My Swoon is from SLOW BURN by Nicole Christie

 SLOW BURN  by Nicole Christie
Contains mature/adult situations and language. For readers 17 and older.

It's the beginning of senior year, and seventeen year old Juliet Somers has made the rash decision to transfer to her boyfriend's school in an effort to spend more time with him. Sexy bad boy Johnny Parker is a legend at Leclare Academy, and Juliet still can't believe that an average girl like her was able to tame his wild ways. She can't wait to start her new school with him by her side.

But one night, Johnny's self-destructive habits lead to a stunning betrayal--and Juliet realizes she's made a huge mistake. Now she's stuck at a school where she doesn't fit in, and all the girls seem to hate her guts. Even worse, Johnny is determined to get her back, pulling crazy stunts to win her forgiveness. Juliet is resigned to being an outcast for the rest of her senior year, with no friends, and no clue what she wants to do with her life.

Things start to look up when she gets to know some of Johnny's friends, and finds that some of them are really good guys. With the help of an unlikely ally at her side, Juliet begins to think her situation is not as bad as it seems. As the school year rolls on, she opens herself up to new experiences, makes some huge mistakes, and discovers things about herself she's not sure she likes.

Juliet resolves to stay strong against Johnny's seductive tactics, but it's becoming increasingly harder to deny she still has feelings for him. Will she risk her heart to him again--or will a hot contender manage to sweep her off her feet?
Kindle Edition, 448 pages

                                                                       Juliet and Dean's swoon!

      Dean's hands are paused at my thighs, waiting for me to decide, "Okay," I say softly.
      That's all he needs. His grips me under my thighs, and I'm lifted onto the counter with a forcefulness that has my nerves singing with excitement. He moves to stand between my legs, and cups my face in his hands.
      "This is going to be fast and hard," Dean warns me, breathing hard.
        I lick my lips very deliberately. "Just try to keep up with me."
        He answering grin is so full of dark promise that I experience a tiny bit of maidenly terror. Eek. I should've kept my big mouth shut.
         Despite his warning, Dean takes the time to make sure I'm ready for him. When he discovers that I'm all set, he seems to lose control. Buttons go flying and underwear is ripped--and I am so completely turned on that all I can think is "more, more, more!" I thought I would let him take charge, and hold on for dear life--but I find myself desperate to consume as much of him as possible...demanding, taking...begging. I want to hold on to these desperate lovely feelings, but Dean's got me hurtling to the edge at breakneck speed.
       "You own me." he breathes in my ear, and with that one push, I go flying.


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