Swoon Thursday: I Heart YA Books swooning over Bad Boy lead singer Turner Campbell in GET BENT (Hard Rock Roots #2) by C.M. Stunich

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My Swoon is from GET BENT (Hard Rock Roots #2) by C.M. Stunich. You all know I love Rockers and Turner Campbell is one badass rocker. But Naomi Knox is also one badass rocker chick who can put this bad boy in his place. As you can see she taking care of bad boy Turner in this swoon scene. I love these two!

GET BENT (Hard Rock Roots #2)

Naomi Knox is missing.
I don't even f*cking know whether she's dead or alive.
What I do know is that she's the air I need to breathe.
She's my redemption, an all consuming fire that burns in my blood.
And I'll do anything to find her. Anything. Even if it means the end for me.

& & &

Turner Campbell is searching.
But he has no f*cking clue what it is he's searching for.
There's darkness all around and enough secrets to choke.
There are angels, and there are devils. It's impossible to tell them apart.
Light needs to be shone on the truth, but there's no one left to hold the torch. The line between life and death is blurred, and the players are all thoroughly entrenched in the game. The question is: am I still one of them?


                                                      Naomi taking care of bad boy Turner swoon:


   "Let go of me, Turner."
       I roll to the flood and drop to my knees, pulling her down with me and snagging the cig from her other hand. I smash it into the flood and drag her against me, wrapping my fingers in her blonde hair and kissing her mouth so hard it hurts. At first, she resists, but only until my tongue ring clicks against her teeth. It's like a bell, calling her to arms.
       Naomi flips her arm around and looses my grip, grabbing onto my wrists instead. She takes both and slams them against the seat of the bench behind my head. My body gets hot with adrenaline and it takes everything in me not to fight her back.
     "I don't like to be controlled," I tell her, but she shushes me with an angry nibble on my lower lip. Thunder rumbles and rattles the windows above us. The storm is picking up energy, feeding it into the two of us, igniting the toxic cloud of lust and longing we're carrying around. And this time, I really hope there's an explosion.
     "Turner, if you want to stand a chance with me, and I mean a chance, not a guarantee, you will shut your fucking mouth and do as I say." I start to protest and then stop. Lightning flashes outside and I catch a glimpse of Naomi's pretty face, rimmed in shadows, wet with tears. My walls come crashing down fast, and I relax into her, lean back and let the softness of her body brush against the hardness of mine.
       I don't know why she's crying. All I know is that I want her to stop. Not because it bothers me or because I'm overwhelmed, nothing like that. I want her to stop because I can't stand to see her sad.
      "You better not be fucking with me again or things will end bad for you, you know that?" she says. and I wonder what she's getting at. Is she going to give us a chance? Is that what this is about? "When I said I'd cut off your prized bits, I wasn't joking."
      "I believe it," I tell her. Which I do. But I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of anything but losing this girl. I've found what I want in my life and I'm going to have it, the rest of the world be damned.


                                           Gotta lovea girl who can kick a bad boy's ass!!!! ;)


  1. LOL she really did kick his butt though! What a scene! It's passionate all around :D

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  2. The cover on this book is HOT!!! Great Swoon Debbie! I love how the girl takes control, and tells him to shut his mouth! LOL

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  3. OMG, why haven't I heard of this series before?! Sounds totally awesome, gotta have it. Going onto my tbr right this moment. Rockers and bad boys and kickass chicks aside, this writing style is good and the story sounds awesome. Thanks so much for this swoon! My Swoon

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