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                                                   Holding On Forever (Truly Madly #2)
                                                                  By Cecilia Robert
                                                         Release Date: December 2013

Book Summary:
Liese is finally moving on with Frey by her side. But sometimes letting go is the hardest part, and trusting is a risk one has to take. In between her practicum and spending time with Frey whenever he is town, she fights her insecurities, and wins. Then something happens and Frey's priorities momentarily shift, making her second guess their relationship. Suddenly, going back to their former best friends status has never looked so appealing.

 Frey's life has never shined so bright now that Liese is his. But there is a part of him that is shrouded by memories he'd rather have them buried where no one can touch them.  Not even him. But even buried memories and people can't stay hidden for forever. What Liese doesn't know is that Frey isn't about to let go so easily, and he will throw in everything he's got to stop her from leaving him. He has waited an eternity for her. Giving her up is not an option.

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                                              ***HOLDING ON FOREVER EXCERPT***

He halted in the doorway to absorb the sight of her sitting cross-legged in the middle of his bed, chewing on her thumbnail. Two things came to mind.

First, she was his.

Second, how beautiful she looked wearing only a tank and panties, her curly hair all over the place. She seemed to be thinking hard, a smile teasing her lips.

“You must love me so much if the thought of me brings a smile on your lips.”

She rolled her big eyes at him, and tried to compose her face. “Who said I was thinking about you?” She swung her legs to the floor and before he could place the tray on the nightstand, she pounced on one of the croissants and took a big bite, then moaned. “You could easily become my obsession.”

He sighed. “And here I thought I was already on obsession status. You know what this means, don’t you?”

She shook her head and bit another chunk of her croissant while staring at the other four on the tray. Frey fought a laugh, and cleared his throat.

“Operation obsession is on.” 

She nodded enthusiastically, then shoved the rest of the piece in her mouth, reached for another, and took a huge gulp of tea at the same time. 

“Jesus, Li, I would have bought the whole bakery if I’d known you were this hungry.” 

She glared at him. He loved it when she did that. He leaned over quickly and kissed the chocolate smudge at the corner of her mouth.

For the first time in ages, she looked happy. Honest-to-God happy. He couldn’t remember seeing her take her antidepressants the past couple days. She had mentioned the doctor was weaning her off them, and she’d seemed relieved about it.

Now that he’d had a taste of Liese, he couldn’t stop himself from wanting more. He had always loved her, but as soon as their bodies connected for the first time, his love had morphed into something deeper.

                                                                 About the Author

Cecilia Robert  writes YA, NA and Adult. Her motto: Passion rules. She enjoys writing stories about people finding love in the most unexpected of places, and also about people finding their true purpose in life coupled with adventurous journeys, whether it's urban, fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary or paranormal romance. There's always a happy ever after, no matter how long it takes for the characters to get there. When she's not working in her full time job, she dons her supermom cape, or in most cases find herself trapped between the pages of a book in search for a hero who'll make her swoon with just a look or a word. Her favourite form of therapy is knitting. Best. Therapy. Ever.

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