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                                                             Luminary (Anomaly #2)
                                                                  by Krista McGee
                                                              Release Date: 01/07/14
                                                                   Thomas Nelson

Summary from Goodreads:
She was an anomaly with a death sentence. Now she's free.

Thalli was scheduled for annihilation. She was considered an anomaly--able to experience emotions that should have been eradicated by genetic modification. The Scientists running the State couldn't allow her to bring undue chaos to their peaceful, ordered world. But seconds before her death, she is rescued.

Now Thalli is above ground in a world she thought was destroyed. A world where not even the air is safe to breathe. She and her three friends must journey across this unknown land, their destination a hidden civilization. It's their only chance of survival.

Broken and exhausted after an arduous journey, they arrive in New Hope, a town that survived the nuclear holocaust. When Thalli meets the people there--people actually "born" to "families"--her small world is blown wide open.

Soon after their arrival to New Hope, the town comes under attack. She has escaped imminent death, but now Thalli is thrust into a new fight--a fight to save her new home. Does she know enough about this world of emotions, this world of chaos, to save not only herself, but the people she has come to love?

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                                                        Luminary Dream Cast


Thalli – 

Thalli is very much like my daughter, Emma, right down to the dimples and insatiable curiosity. Emma is also a gifted actress, so if I had the choice, I’d want her to star in the “Anomaly movie” as my Thalli. It could be her big break :).


If Emma were Thalli, she would want Josh Hutcherson to play Berk. And I’m sure he would do a fine job, but I just don’t see him as my Berk. If I were casting, I’d pick Douglas Booth – he has played Pip (“Great Expectations”) and Romeo, so I’m pretty sure he would do a ‘bang-up’ job in this role!


Thalli’s best friend undergoes some major changes in Luminary. But she remains calm, analytical, and beautiful. I think Emma Roberts would be a perfect Rhen (because you can never have too many “Emmas”!)


The “grandpa” figure in the story who teaches Thalli about the Designer, John is loving, godly, and incredibly wise. So my pick is not an actor, though he is comfortable in front of large groups of people. I can’t think of anyone who better embodies John than the beloved Billy Graham.


Without giving too much away, Alex is a character who plays an important role in Luminary and in the final book of the Anomaly trilogy, Revolutionary. A prince torn between might and right, Alex makes Thalli reexamine her heart and priorities. My choice for this character is Chris Brochu (“Soul Surfer” and “Lemonade Mouth” – the boy can sing, too!). Both Emmas will thank me!


 I really can’t say too much about her without giving something away, but Kristie is an important character in Luminary and Revolutionary, as well. Older, wiser, with knowledge that will shock characters and readers alike, my choice for Kristie would be Nicole Ari Parker (currently on the TV show “Revolution”).


Though not physically present in much of Luminary, Dr. Loudin is watching the travelers all the time. His desires for the State – and for Thalli – are frightening. He is brilliant and egotistical, and he is convinced he knows what is best for everyone. My choice for this role would be NCIS’ Mark Harmon.

                                                                   About the Author
Krista writes for teens, teaches teens, and more often than not, acts like a teen. She and her family have lived and ministered in Texas, Costa Rica, and Spain. Her current hometown is Tampa, FL.

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