Swoon Thursday: I Heart YA Books is Swooning over Frey in HOLDING ON FOREVER (Truly Madly #2) by Cecilia Robert

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My Swoon this week is from: HOLDING ON FOREVER (Truly Madly #2) by Cecilia Robert.  Nereyda at Mostly YA Book Obsessed told me how must she love the Truly madly series and said I had to read it...well she was right! I fell in love with Frey and Liese's romance. If you love romance like I do. Frey will definitely swoon your world, girls! ;)

by Cecilia Robert

Liese is finally moving on with Frey by her side. But sometimes letting go is the hardest part, and trusting is a risk one has to take. In between her practicum and spending time with Frey whenever he is town, she fights her insecurities, and wins. Then something happens and Frey's priorities momentarily shift, making her second guess their relationship. Suddenly, going back to their former best friends status has never looked so appealing.

Frey's life has never shined so bright now that Liese is his. But there is a part of him that is shrouded by memories he'd rather have them buried where no one can touch them. Not even him. But even buried memories and people can't stay hidden for forever. What Liese doesn't know is that Frey isn't about to let go so easily, and he will throw in everything he's got to stop her from leaving him. He has waited an eternity for her. Giving her up is not an option.

**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content


                                                                           Liese and Frey's Swoon

Love Toy?  Now that he could work with. Frey grinned wide, feeling all blood leave his brain and race down south at the thought of seeing Liese in that lace. "Why are we standing in here?" He closed his hand around her elbow and herded her to the cashier. "Yours or mine?"
     "Your is closer."
     "Good thinking." Christ, he needed to pull himself together before he did something embarrassing. Like jumping his girlfriend in front of the sixty-year-old cashier tallying up his purchases. The woman glanced up, then to his hand, which had somehow left Liese's elbow without his permission and slid around to cup her breast. It was like being caught by his grandmother as he groped a girl on the sofa in her living room. He dropped his hand quickly at the disapproving look.
      Ten minutes later, they were inside Frey's flat. Even before they stumbled into his bedroom, clothes were flying all over the place. Finally, Frey stepped back long enough to grab the package and shove it, with trembling hands, at Liese.
     "Make me proud, woman." He playfully smacked her ass as she walked past him, laughing.

                                                                                   I LOVE FREY!!!! <3>


  1. Woohoo!! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Holding on Forever!! <3 thanks for featuring this snippet on Swoon Thursday. Frey is a darling,! And you are amazing, Debbie!! <3

  2. What a hot swoon! I love how eager they were to get those clothes off. More power to them :D

    Check out my swoon post!


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