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                                                                         Of Stardust
                                                                   by February Grace
                                                                Release Date: 10/28/13
                                                                          200 pages

                                                            Summary from Goodreads

“Dreams are sacred…”

At the age of twenty-six single, geeky bookseller Till Nesbitt inherits the shock of a lifetime: a huge Victorian farmhouse filled with unique tenants, and the knowledge that there is a reason she’s always been different. She’s destined to become a Fairy Godmother, because the skills are written into her DNA.

Till embarks on her fairy education at Dreams Come True University with much trepidation, guided on her journey by a unique mentor: a Celtic hybrid with a secret by the name of Gus.

When Till falls head over heels for Gus, will she break the most serious law in the Fairy Code, or will the truth of what really happened to Gus’s parents keep them from repeating history?
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                                               Excerpt Three from OF STARDUST by February Grace

In this excerpt, Gus shows Till that there is more to Great Aunt Tilda’s talk of Fairy Godparenting magic than she believes.

The atmosphere soon turned quiet and tense as it became apparent that Tilda was exhausted and needed rest. Gus picked her up and carried her to her bed, with Till watching from the doorway as he knelt down beside her. She couldn’t hear the whispered words that were being exchanged, but she didn’t really need to in order to know that she shouldn’t be intruding upon this moment between friends.
She backed away, wiping tears from her face as she returned to the kitchen to see to the dishes.
She started sorting, stacking, and rinsing them in the sink. A moment later, she heard a soft but by now familiar voice behind her.
“Ye don’t have to do it that way, ye know,” he said, emotion choking his words. His eyes had red rings around them. It was clear to Till that Gus was just as attached in his way to Aunt Tilda as she was to him.
“How else am I going to do it?”
He gave her a look that said by now she should know better.
“Oh, that’s right,” she said with great sarcasm. “Fairy magic.”
“Ye won’t be talkin’ like that for much longer— I guarantee ye that, young woman,” he said, sounding offended.
“Enough is enough,” Till growled. “I have played along with all of this because it seemed to make Aunt Tilda happy. But you, you’re a regular guy, a nice person. Why do you persist in helping her maintain her delusion?”
“If she was delusional,” Gus began, “which I assure ye she is not, no more than ye are psychotic, what would the harm be, to make her happy on one of the last nights of her life by goin’ along with what she says? Perhaps the department that ye could use a little education in, Miss Till Nesbitt, is the art of kindness.”
“I have been kind!” Till objected, folding her arms over her stomach. “I have worked really hard and gone along with every crazy thing she’s said to me. But I draw the line now, here with you. You seem sane enough. You hold down a job, a pretty crazy, difficult job at that, working with people the way you do all the time. Why keep up this fairy story here with me when she’s asleep and can’t hear us?” She paused and sighed. “Tell me the truth; that this is all a story and there is nothing more to it than that. Tell me that my life will be back to normal in a few days and I can just forget all of this ever happened.”
"If I told ye that, there’d be no truth in it a’tall.” He sighed. “Do somethin’ for me, please. Close yer eyes.”
“No way!”
“Please... I’m askin’ nicely. I promise I won’t lay a hand on ye. Just close yer eyes and count to three.”
“A hand or anything else,” Till mumbled and crossed her arms more tightly.
“Ye greatly overestimate yer charm…” Gus muttered.
“Said, I give ye my word as a gentleman. Just close yer eyes, count to three, and open them again.”
She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “One…” she paused, listening for even the smallest of sounds, but there was nothing to hear. “Two… three!”
When she opened her eyes again, she found the kitchen absolutely spotless. There was not a pan or a pot or a single dirty dish in sight.
“Impossible,” she gasped as she moved around the room, opening cupboard after cupboard trying to see where he’d stashed the dirty dishes.
They were nowhere to be found.
Every drawer she opened had only perfectly clean, polished silverware lining it, and every cupboard was full of tidy pots and pans.
“Not so much,” Gus replied. “Ye just think on that for awhile, yeah? Before ye ever once again call my dear friend in there crazy.” He moved toward the door, not looking back at her. “Good night.”
She rushed to the door, expecting to see him shuffling down the walk, but he had vanished.

About the Author
February Grace is a writer, artist and poet who lives somewhere that is much colder than she would like most of the time.
She sings on key, plays by ear, and is more than mildly obsessed with music, clocks, colors, and meteor showers.
Her poetry, prose, and/or flash fiction have appeared in The Rusty Nail Literary Magazine, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, and Rose and Thorn Journal. Her work can also be found in the following anthologies: Poetry Pact Volume One, Anything Prose...And Poetry, Too! and Orange Karen, Tribute To A Warrior.
GODSPEED, her debut novel, is a labor of love she refers to as "Literary romance with steampunk embellishments." 
Her second novel, OF STARDUST, is a modern, romantic fantasy tale.

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