Book Review and Teaser for 'Elemental Fear' by Ada Frost

                                                                 ELEMENTAL FEAR
                                                                     by Ada Frost
                                                         Contemporary Romance
                                                  Release date: March 15th, 2014 

Evelyn Beaumont is a beautiful, intelligent, loving woman. She has an adoring family, a man who loves her and a best friend who is willing to do anything to make her happy. Sound like a perfect life to you?

Evelyn Beaumont:
I hide a terrible secret, one I have hidden from the people I love the most, from the people that love me the most. For the longest time I have hidden behind my shame, silenced by an elemental fear and depravity. I am bound by silence to protect them, to hide what I really am. In truth I can never let my family know what darkness haunts me, I am the key to destroying my family. And I would rather die than allow that. 

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                                                                      My Thoughts

Elemental Fear is not for the weak, or for those who can’t understand the fear and power the abuser has over their victims. I’ve always had an emotional heart when it comes to girlfriend/spouse abuse, and Elemental Fear is the first novel I’ve read that goes into such deep, dark depths of abuse. For me, even if I know it’s a fiction story with fictional characters, it still makes me angry. With abuse being a very real issue, I tend to get emotional when I read a novel like this. Now don't misunderstand my meaning. I thought this was an amazing, heart touching story with a very important message and with characters that I love. It's just my anger level goes up and I want to rip off the abuser's manhood (in this novel the abuser is a man) when I read this kind of story. Like I said, I get very emotional! 

Eve is twenty-six years old, and she’s been a victim of physical abuse for nine years. The abuse started when she was sixteen, and Eve is at that point of surrendering her mind and becoming broken—a shell of who she once was. The one person who always gave her a silent hope was Dominic, who’s been her secret love since she was six years old, her prince, her knight in shining armor, but he knows nothing about the hell she lives in with his brother, Elliott. 

To read Eve's story I had to really get into her character as an abused woman. Because as a woman who has never suffered abuse, it's normal for me to look at Eve and say "My God, Eve, just open your mouth. You’re giving this worthless piece of sh*t the power to keep you in fear." So, yes, Eve's character was a hard one for me, but I was able to see from her view point and see the fear and power that Elliot easily had imprisoned Eve with. Ada Frost is a talented writer. She pulled me into Eve's abusive relationship with Elliott, and I felt every bit of Eve's pain, fear, and emotion, in Eve's mind and heart.

Now on a happy note, I love Johan. Johan and Eve work together at the same office and they become best friends. I’m not going to spoil Johan and Eve's relationship for you, I’m just going to tell you I love this guy so much. And I'm begging Ada Frost to write Johan's story.

Elemental Fear is about abuse and it's on a hardcore level. So if you can't approach Eve's story with openness, and see it from her point of view, the fear and shame she lives in for herself and others she loves and wants to protect, then please just don't read this book. Because the author deserves to be rewarded for writing about this difficult subject. It’s my hope that a teen girl or woman who is in this kind of relationship may read Eve’s story and be able to see that fear should not enslave her to her abuser. Elemental Fear is an emotional, dark story, but ends with the light of hope, healing, and freedom. I recommend as a must read.


Some of my Favorite Quotes:

" don't want me that way. You mean all this time I've been wooing you and you aren't interested. I've used my best moves on you woman!"


He chuckled "listen, would you be asking these questions if I had a hole instead of a pole?" 'What?"


"You know...have you and he done the horizontal tango, have you ridden the Dominic express, fu--"
"I understand you." I snapped before she continued her tirade.


"Good morning sunshine, it's always such a pleasure to see you." He replied condescendingly.
"Piss off." she snapped stomping up the stairs.
"Such a social butterfly. " He laughed.


My Favorite Eve and Dominic Swoon:

There were no words to describe how delicious his lips felt, I wanted to feel more to taste more and the longer he held me to him the more the urge became uncontrollable. I parted my lips slightly and sucked softly on his lower lip. His hands gripped at my skin, he needed me as much as I needed him. He opened his mouth; I felt his tongue teasing my lips open further. I couldn't resist, I opened taking him in, I tangled my tongue with his, licking, sucking devouring his mouth. I'd never felt this desire before, I felt it everywhere.



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  1. Sounds like an intense read. Great review. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.


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