Review & Teaser Quotes for 'Worth The Chance (MMA Fighter #2) by Vi Keeland

                                                           WORTH THE CHANCE (MMA Fighter #2)
                                                                                    by Vi Keeland
                                                               New Adult Contemporary Romance
                                                                 Release date: February 17th, 2014


Meet Liv Michaels
It may have been seven years, but I’d know him anywhere. Sure, he’s grown, filled out in all the right places, but his captivating blue eyes and cocky grin are exactly the way I remember. Even though I’d much rather forget.

Liv Michaels is almost there. She’s smart, determined and weeks away from landing the job she’s dreamed about for years. Time healed old wounds, even her broken heart from the devastation of being crushed by her first love.

Meet Vince Stone
Women love a fighter, especially a good one. Lucky for me, I’m damn good. But there’s one woman that isn’t interested. Not again, anyway.

Vince ‘The Invincible’ Stone is every woman’s fantasy…strong, sexy, confident and completely in control. Growing up surrounded by chaos, he’s learned never to get too attached. Love will drag you down. He adores women, treats them well, puts their own needs before his own…for the night anyway. With the biggest fight of his life coming up, his focus should be on training.

When fate brings Vince & Liv back together again, there’s no denying the chemistry is still there. But can Vince erase the old scars their past left behind? Or will Liv hurt him instead?

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                                                                                    MY THOUGHTS

 I just met Vince Stone, “The Invincible Stone,” MMA fighter in WORTH THE CHANCE. I love this guy! This is the first book I’ve read by Vi Keeland, and definitely not my last. Keeland is an awesome writer. I could not put this book down. I love MMA fighters, and Vince (Vinny) is all what I love in a MMA fighter/book. Pale blue eyes, dimples, cocky, confident, sexy, gorgeous, six feet, one hundred and eighty three pounds of alpha male, a force of nature, and rides a motorcycle. OMG there’s nothing not to love about this bad ass boy. Yep, Keeland gave me one heck of a MMA fighter. And needless to say, one heck of an awesome storyline with Liv and Vinny and their swoon-worthy, steamy hot romance.

Liv (Olivia) is my kind of girl, too. She's smart, self-assured, strong, and still very much a woman. Liv has wanted her journalist dream job ever since she was in high school, and it's finally within her reach. But she’s also loved Vinny since high school, and after seven years, he’s finally within her reach to have, too. My heart broke for Liv and the decisions she had to make for her life and the man she loves. But, I love seeing Liv come to terms with who she wanted to be as a woman and a journalist.

WORTH THE CHANCE is a book I will read again, and yes it's because of Vince “The Invincible” Stone. I will not be getting this MMA fighter out of my heart any time soon. I highly recommend Vince and WORTH THE CHANCE as must read.

                                                                ***My Favorite Teaser Quotes***

"Yes. Wait, no. It's not a date."
"Whatever. As long as I get all the details afterwards, you can call it a communication session with ingestion for all I care."


The same boy that takes what he wants and doesn't look back. Except now he's a man. God, he's all man.


A small moan escapes my mouth and his grip tightens even more around me. "You better run now, Liv. If I hear that sound one more time, I'm going to be breaking my promise to take it slow and I'm not going to stop until you can't walk for a few days."

                                                             ***My Favorite Liv and Vinny Swoon***

"Oh my god, yes."
Vinny smiles, it's genuine and I see his face relax. I hadn't even realized there was tension there before. But it's gone now. I'll get it, but that ass better be right where it is when I get back." He leans down and playfully bites my ass cheek.

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