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The Rising King by Shea Berkley
Series: Keepers of Life #3
Release date: April 21, 2014
Imprint: Entangled Teen
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Target demographic: YA, adult cross over, fantasy, this is a split realm fantasy book

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Book Summary:
The summer before Dylan Kennedy’s senior year in high school is turning out to be anything but boring. Ridiculously hot girlfriend? Check. Killing evil Dark Souls who suddenly have aspirations of taking over the magical realm of Teag because its protective spell is gone? Check. Not even Teag’s King, Dylan’s father, Baun, can stop them. People are dying, and a dark magic that his girlfriend, Kera, received from Baun is growing stronger. Dylan wants to believe Kera is suppressing the darkness that’s in her, but every day he sees that control slip just a little more.

Baun sends Dylan to find a powerful magic that stop the Dark Souls, a magic so strong that Baun hid it so no one else could use it. When Dylan doesn’t expect to find along with it, are consequences that could end the lives of those closest to him.

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The Rising King: Character spotlight

Character: Dylan
Age: 17
Birthplace:  In a Houston bus station bathroom on the way out of Texas
Ability: He’s the heir to the throne of Teag, which means there’s not much he can’t control if he sets him mind to it.

What makes Dylan unique? 
His faith that love will overcome all evil.

Kera. She doesn’t just like him, she loves him. He’s never had anyone love him before.
Fire. His ability to harness the energy of fire at first scared him, but now he can manipulate it to do something as easy as lighting a candle or as destructive as incinerating a nasty, slimy, venomous millispit.
The sheep ranch. He never thought he’d say it, but the ranch has grown on him. It’s the first place he’s ever really felt at home, like he belonged, and he owes that all to his grandparents. They’re pretty cool too. 

Evil. The deep, soul sucking, truly hate-filled evil that promises all your dreams will come true and then steals your soul. He’s seen it devour good people. He’s faced it as it spewed its lies while it tried to stab him in the back. He’s killed it… but it rarely stays dead. He won’t give up. He deserves his happy-ever-after with Kera, and he’s going to get it.


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Author Bio:
Shea Berkley has a fondness for characters, whether in real life or those she makes up in her head while tending to the multitude of mundane tasks she's forced to do in order to survive. Writing gives her purpose (okay it keeps her out of trouble...mostly), and she can't imagine herself doing anything else. (well maybe a zombie for the Walking Dead, but who doesn't want to do that?). Since she leans toward the pubescent, she fits right in with the Young Adult book crowd.

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