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                                                                 Book Title: A Need So Insatiable
                                                                                by Cecilia Robert
                                                                                Series: Hearts #1
                                                                         Designer: Najla Qambar
                                                                   Genre: Contemporary romance

                                                                                  Book Synopsis

“You've owned me from the moment I walked into that music room. You've wrapped yourself in my heart and mind. I can’t get you out. I don’t want to.” ~ Rafael Van Rees

Sophie Fisher’s life is on fire. If she’s not ducking around corners or slipping out of windows to escape the debt collectors her father's death has left knocking on her door, she’s dealing with her rebellious, fifteen-year-old sister, Lilli. And, as if that’s not enough, Rafael Van Rees crashes into her life—literally—bringing with him a past the public has no idea of. Can she unravel his mysteries before he unravels her, or will his presence finally force her to face the demons she's trying to outrun?

Rafael Van Rees prides himself on being in control of his destiny, music and women. As far as he is concerned, his past is a black cloud in the distance--until he meets Sophie, that is, and his world spins out of control in more ways than one. He knows the darkest sins and secrets eventually reveal themselves, but when it comes to Sophie, he'll stop at nothing to protect her from his past. Even if it kills him.

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She stares at me, her eyes so soft and gentle. I feel that dark part of my soul I unfold. The way she’s looking at me is pure, unprejudiced. I suddenly realize that, more than anything, I need her to see me. For the first time in my life, I’m not afraid to let somebody peel the layers that define me. See the real me. I can’t be just any man. I have to be the kind of man she deserves, needs and wants. I crave this so damn bad. I need to know if she feels the same way; if her hunger and desire for me is so insatiable, no other man’s love, kiss or touch will do. Only mine. Because it’s always been her for me. Even after all this time, only her.
She’s my redemption. I stagger away from her, overwhelmed by that realization. Her eyebrows pull down. “You okay?”
I nod, shoving my hands in my pockets. “Give me your keys so I can have Ben bring the Honda.”
She studies me for a few seconds, then straightens, hiding the hurt that was so clear on her face moments ago, and leaves to get her keys. By the time she returns and hands them to me, I’m calmer. In control. She drops them on my outstretched hand, and takes a step back.
“I really appreciate this, thank you.” She twists the edges of her t-shirt with her fingers.
“You’ve thanked me five times tonight.”
“I don’t know what else to do or say.”
She looks so breakable, so beautiful; it melts my resolve to leave.
“Come here.”
I’m such an ass for giving her mixed signals. This is what I’ve been dreaming of--Sophie, finally, in my life. I know if she finds out the things I’ve done, she might not want anything to do with me. But I don’t care right now. I want her. I’ve wanted, needed this since I walked out of her life all those years ago.
So stop being a dick and man up.
“Come here, Sophie.”
She falls into my arms as if she’s been waiting for those words her whole damn life, and sighs when I press my lips to her hair.
“Six times.”
“What?” I ask.
She pulls back and meets my gaze. “You’ve kissed my hair six times today.”
She’s been counting? Hell, I’ll aim for twenty before I leave.
She smiles, and I’m tempted to lick the dimple on her chin. “Must be the shampoo I use.”
“Must be.” My arms tighten around her small frame. “I received your text. Thank you.”
“Good timing, huh?” she says with a chuckle.
“Perfect,” I say. “What did you want to do?”
“Dinner. But after all that drama . . . oh, wait. Don’t move.” She wiggles from my arms and dashes to the kitchen, returning with a triumphant smile on her face. “Here. Bon  appetit.” She hands me a protein bar.
I chuckle, tugging her back into my arms. “I love a resourceful woman.”
“Stick with me, and you’re in for a ride.”
My hands grip her waist tighter as I brush my lips against the shell of her ear. “I’m planning on sticking with you, on you, any way you want, baby.” I dip my head down, running the tip of my tongue along the exposed side of her neck.
She shivers, grabs my shirt front and slams her mouth on mine, nipping my bottom lip. Her unexpected, bold move sends blood rushing down my dick. Christ, I need her so fucking bad. My hands leave her waist to tangle in her hair as I part my lips for her. Within a second, she’s inside my mouth, exploring it, owning it, owning me. She tastes like chocolate, and a hint of nuts. So damn good. I’d told her she wasn’t ready for me to kiss her. Turns out I wasn’t ready for her kiss.
Sliding one hand down her spine, I circle my arm around her waist and back her into the living room wall. Hooking my hands on the back of her knees, I pull her legs to my hips. She sucks in a breath as my erection presses between her legs. My heart is racing so hard in my chest, I don’t care if the whole fucking world hears it. It beats for her, and I want her to know it.
She pulls her tongue from my mouth and leans back, her chest rising and falling. I press my forehead against hers, breathing as hard as she is. She licks her full bottom lip. How would that tongue feel on me?
“Open for me.” My command is soft, hoarse, needy. I don’t fucking care. I want inside her mouth right now.
She shakes her head and wiggles her curvy ass, trying to untangle herself from me. She drops to the floor, ducking under my arm. I spin, tracking her with my gaze before stalking after her. I grab her waist, but she ducks away, giggling.
“Come back here, you little tease,” I growl. She slaps a hand over her mouth and laughs harder, scrambling away when I reach out again. My legs are longer, and I’m faster. I snatch her up before she makes it to the hallway, but she presses that wicked mouth shut.
“Open for me, Sophie.”
She clamps a hand over my mouth. “I’m not kissing you again. You’ve been pussyfooting around kissing me, so I made your mind up for you. We’re playing by my rules now.”
I nibble her palm until she drops it from my mouth.
“Your rules, huh?”
She nods, looking very pleased with herself.
I lean forward and brush my tongue against her labret, licking and nibbling her jaw until my lips are pressed to the shell of her ear again. Her chest heaves as she tries to control her breathing. She wants me to kiss her, but I won’t. Not until she needs my kiss so fucking bad, she can’t see straight.
“We’ll see about that.”

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Cecilia Robert writes YA, NA and Adult. She enjoys writing stories about people finding love in the

most unexpected places, coupled with adventurous journeys, whether it's urban, fantasy, sci-fi,

contemporary or paranormal romance. There's always a happy ever after, no matter how long it

takes to get there. When she's not working in my full time job, she dons her supermom cape, or in

most cases finds myself trapped between the pages of a book in search for a hero who'll make her

swoon with just a look or a word

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