Release Day with Guest Post, Excerpt and Giveaway for 'Nearly Mended' (Nearly, #2) by Devon Ashley

Nearly Mended (Nearly #2)

By Devon Ashley

Release: April 7, 2014

New Adult Romantic Suspense / Dark Realistic Fiction

God help me…Zander isn’t the worst thing out there.

Megan Whitaker desperately wants to forget what the Malone brothers have done to her over the past two years – the haunting images and sensations still plaguing her thoughts and dreams – but she can’t. Charles may be dead, but Zander isn’t. I’ll find you and bring you back to me. She wants to believe she’s safe with Nick in their secluded new home, but it doesn’t keep her from looking over her shoulder, jumping over unexpected sounds, carrying a concealed weapon or even preparing for the worst.

Nick Ellis has seen a change in his long, lost love. Battered emotionally and physically, Megan spends her days at self-defense classes and researching things that’ll never allow her to let go of the past. And he feels guilty even asking her to, because he knows that heathen will return, it’s only a matter of time. And when he does, Nick will do anything to save her, even the unthinkable, risking everything he’s fought so hard to get back.

But there is no escaping the world of sex trafficking, nor the band of men who continually aid one another to keep it thriving. And as her nightmares begin to converge with reality, Megan realizes there are far worse people to fear than the one who haunts her dreams.

New Adult Romantic Suspense / Dark Realistic Fiction

Recommended for 17+ for mature and disturbing situations, language and sexual content.

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Nickolas Ellis (author’s choice: I see a young Scott Foley or Stephen Amell)

Nick is a twenty-one year old chef who’s damn good at what he does, already landing a prestigious position at the five star restaurant Kettle Fusion. Now on the run with his girlfriend Megan, he can no longer do what he loves and finds himself miserably working in a cubicle eight-to-four. But he’d do it every day for the rest of his life if it meant keeping his girlfriend of five years safe from the man who has a sick obsession for her.

He’s kind-hearted and patient, and the only person who can keep Megan grounded as she fights her way through a myriad of emotions, including a bout of depression that keeps her secretive even from him. But he lets her free to express whatever she’s feeling, and even though their relationship has suffered, he still sits back and gives her the time she needs to move forward as best she can. He’s the kind of guy who would do anything to protect her for just one more day.

Megan Smith (author’s choice: I see a dolled-down version of Odette Yustman, just as she’s depicted in the photo)

Megan is twenty now, but was only seventeen when her innocence was literally stolen away from her. She’s strong-willed, level-headed and a fighter even when thrown into the worst of circumstances. No matter how many times she’s drowned, she fights her way back up for air. But this time is a little harder for her – no drugs were used to blur out the memories of her last captivity. Nightmares are kicking her ass and depression is rearing its ugly head, and the only way she can keep her head bobbing above water is to constantly prepare for her next abduction – the one Zander promised was coming her way. As the darkness tries to suffocate her even more, she reads books on how to bypass electronic security systems, learns self-defense, and even carries a gun with her at all times. The only light in her life is the time spent with her new friend Maggie, another victim like her, Jesse, the guy training her how to defend herself, and Nick, who always seems to know just how to approach her ever-changing moods, whose relationship with her has been bumpy at best lately. But despite it all, she still finds the courage to move forward, even when her life takes one devastating turn after another.


“Look, Megan, I can take a lot of things, but lying’s not one of them.”
    “I’m not lying to you,” she burst, whipping around.
    “Omission is lying.” Waving the empty No-Doz bottle in the air, I added, “Switching your meds out behind my back is lying.” She crossed her arms, her eyes taking a nosedive.
    “I mean, come on. Do you think I don’t know you’re afraid to sleep?” Her head still tipped downward, her brown orbs courageously looked up. “You’ve got the pantry stocked with energy drinks and we’ve had to buy coffee twice as often so I know you’re making another pot once I’m gone. You go to bed after me and get up before me. I. Know. Megan. So, please. Just come out and tell me what’s going on. I’m not going to be mad at you for it.”
    It took her a minute, but finally she softly replied, “I don’t want to sleep anymore. Because I see him every time I close my eyes, alright? I can feel his breath on my skin and his damn fingers gripping my body, and it disgusts me. But most of all it terrifies me. Because for those few horrible minutes, my mind actually tricks me into believing that I never escaped. That I’m still stuck there, chained to the goddamn floor. So yes, I ditched the sleeping pills and switched to the No Doz. And now, when I actually do finally collapse, I’m so exhausted that I rarely dream. So I never have to go back to that damn nightmare.”
    Damn that made me feel like shit, making her say that, the way the hurt filled her face as she did. I put the bottle back down softly, not giving a crap about it anymore. “God, Megan. Why didn’t you just tell me that? You don’t have to keep these things from me, you know?”
    She shook her head, her eyes staring at the ground between us, slumping her shoulders as if she wished she could just melt right into the floor. “Seriously? And have you think I’m even more of a basket case than you realize? I’m not trying to lie to you. I just don’t want to burden you with every little thing that’s wrong with me.”
    “Hey,” I said forcefully, eliminating the distance between us. I flattened my hands on each side of her face and brought my lips to hers. The kiss was way more aggressive than the soft, delicate ones she was used to getting, but for once I didn’t restrain myself. She was so shattered at times I just didn’t know what to do. So I kissed her, showing her with every caress of my mouth that she was loved, that I couldn’t live without her, no matter the fight she had going on inside her. It took my breath away, and she actually kissed me the same way back, her hands reaching up to cover mine. I slowly let them soften before pulling away, angling my head so our foreheads could rest against one another.
    “There’s nothing wrong with you. And in case you need me to repeat it on a daily basis – I. Love. You.”

About the Author

Devon Ashley is a mom, a wife, a lover and a fighter, a coffee addict, a wicked knitster, a Microbiologist, a baker of fine yummy treats, and someone who will fight you to the death for that last Twinkie bag of M&Ms during the zombie-apocalypse. Seriously, her addiction is that important to her. Oh, and she says seriously way too much. Seriously…

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