Celebrating the Release with Excerpt for 'Unbreakable Forever #4 in the Unbreakable Series by Amanda Chayse

                                                            Unbreakable Forever (Unbreakable #4)
                                                                       A New Adult Romance Novel
                                            Release Date: June 2, 2014

Devon faces the feelings he has for Erin, and promises that they will stay together forever. Devon always promised Erin that he would never leave her, even when they were kids. But now that they were falling in love, the promise means more to him than anything. But Devon and Erin live in two different worlds. Devon is a high school football star sought after by top colleges, and even the most well made plans to stay together fall apart in the face of reality.
Erin had made Devon promise her that he would never leave her when they were kids. Devon was always true to his word. Even now, he promises her that they will find a way to stay together. But Erin knows she could never let Devon throw away his future for her. She realizes it is up to her for them to stay together. Now she faces the the biggest test of her life, and the stakes are everything that matter to her.
          *Warning* This series contains sexually explicit scenes. Mature audiences only!
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                                                 ~~~ Unbreakable Forever #4 Excerpt ~~~

“Hey, beautiful, where’ve you been?” Devon stood next to Erin, kissed her on the top of her head, and pulled her close. “It’s almost time for the fireworks.” Devon wrapped his arms around her and leaned his chin on top of her head as they faced the summer sky.
“Where will we be this time next year, Devon? Will we really be together, or will life separate us?”
Devon turned around to face her. A tear left a path of moisture on her cheek. “Hey, why are you talking like that? I told you we can figure this out. We can stay together. Through anything.” Devon’s eyes met hers.
“What if I don’t have what it takes to get in? What if I can’t get in?” Erin’s eyes fluttered as she looked back into his eyes.
“Baby, I promised you that I would never leave you. Don’t you remember?”
“Yes. We were kids. We’re grown up now. Everything is different.”
“Yes, we’ve grown up. Life is full of surprises, and we don’t know what’s going to happen. I get scared, too, Erin. We don’t know what the future holds for either one of us. None of us do. But do you know what I’ve realized through all of it? Through all the high school and college applications and all the bullshit?  Do you know what I think about when it’s all said and done?”
“I think about moments like this. Holding you in my arms, us…together. That is all that matters. The rest is a bunch of noisy bullshit.”
“You can’t throw your college career away for me, Devon.”
“I don’t plan on throwing away my career for you, Erin. Because I know that you’re going to get in. With me.”
“How do you know that?”
“I just know.” Devon placed his fingers around her wrist and pointed her hand up with his toward the night sky. “It’s written in the stars.”
“You’re so corny.” She sniffled.
“Yeah, but you love me for it. There is one thing that matters to me more than everything else, Erin. And that’s you. There’s a lot of noise out there, Erin. A lot of things that are going to try to rip us apart. But the more they happen, the more I know I want to be with you, and nothing else is more important than that.”
The first firework trailed up to start the show.
Erin flung her arms around him, and met him with an eager and passionate kiss. The sound of fireworks boomed over them.
Devon held her close, their lips warm and moist and melting into each other as the fireworks exploded over them.
Nathan nudged Curtis’s arm and jutted his chin toward Devon and Erin. “That’s Devon,” he said with a squint.
“Some guys have all the luck,” Curtis said dryly.
“Sometimes luck changes.”

Book One in the Unbreakable Series
Unbreakable Devotion: Young Adult Romance
Devon and Erin have always been best friends, ever since they were kids.
Playing football at their high school, Devon is thrown into the cool kids’ crowd without any warning. His new friends are rich, cool, and popular…everything Erin isn’t. But even the hot cheerleaders throwing themselves at his feet can’t stop him from thinking about Erin as more than just the girl next door he grew up with.
Erin has never been able to trust anyone. Her dad left her when she was young, and ever since then life has been a string of disappointments. The only thing holding her together through the struggles has been Devon. And now he’s too good for her.
When Erin’s world is shattered by a horrific event, Devon can’t stop himself from getting involved, but will it rip apart their relationship forever in the process?
Nothing could break their friendship… until one summer changed everything.

*Warning* This book is not a standalone, and leads into a series with sexually explicit scenes. Mature audiences only!
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                                                                           ~~~ Excerpt ~~~

“So I have not seen you around.” Devon looked at Erin, wanting to tell her nothing mattered except her, but not here, not now.
“It looks like we have both been busy,” Erin said, steely eyed now, arms tightening. “Well, you guys have fun,” Erin said, walking away.
“Erin, wait!” Devon ran beside Erin, grabbing her shoulders and facing her, looking into her always irresistible eyes.
“It’s just a date, Erin. Matt asked these girls out. I didn’t even ask her out.” Devon’s eyes widened in a plea he hoped she would see. Could she hear him?
“But you said yes,” Erin said in a slightly trembling voice. She looked up at Devon, her eyes looming large in the autumn night.
Devon’s stomach tightened as he spoke. “Matt and Shannon just wanted someone to go out with her friend. It’s just an innocent get-together, Erin. It’s nothing,” he said.
“It looks like something from here.” Erin frowned and brushed her long blonde hair off her chest and over her shoulder.
“Erin, why is this bothering you? Why are you acting this way?” Devon scrambled through his mixed-up thoughts to try to defuse the situation.
“Guys can be so dumb,” Erin said with furrowed brows and a grimace. “We’re just friends, Devon. It doesn’t matter. C’mon, Kathy, let’s go.”
Kathy narrowed her eyes at Devon, and sashayed away from him towards her friend and down the sidewalk. Devon gazed at her, his hands in his back pockets, wondering
whether Erin wanted to tell him something. He watched them walk away, trying to process what just happened.


Book Two in the Unbreakable Series
Unbreakable Love: New Adult Romance
Devon knows his feelings for Erin have gone way beyond friendship. Over time the feelings have only grown stronger. Even though he can now have any girl he wants, he knows he wants her. Now he has to tell her how he really feels, even though it can cost him everything.
Erin has had a secret crush on Devon for as long as she can remember. But these feelings have only intensified as they have grown older. Now when she sees other girls wanting to be with Devon, it tears her up inside. Having him as a friend is no longer enough. Does he see more in her? When Devon stands between her and harm’s way, her question is answered in one terrifying moment.
   * Warning* This series contains sexually explicit scenes. Mature audiences only!
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                                                                            ~~~ Excerpt ~~~

I stood over the pool as Devon pushed off for another lap. My heart was light and I grinned at the thought of surprising him. He was always so excited to see me. He made me feel special; he made me feel beautiful.
Devon soared to the end of the pool where I was standing as the waves crashed to the walls from his approach. He stood and wiped rivulets of water from his face and pushed up his goggles. His face immediately brightened at the sight of me. That was the look that drove me crazy.
But then Devon grabbed me and pulled me into the pool. I knew a water war would ensue. We had done it many times over the many summers. But now there was a delightful tension between us that pulled each of us towards each other like powerful magnets. When we tried to fight it, the force would only increase. His laughter, which was now deeper, masculine, and musical, rang off the pool walls and filled my heart like a song.
I pressed down on him in a playful attempt to dunk him, but his body easily carried my weight. When he turned to me and held me close, our wet bodies together, the intensity was almost too much before I was thrown back into the water. I could pull his trunks down again. He fell for that every time! It made me laugh, but it’s all I could do now. He was too tall and too strong to fight now; when he wrapped his arms around me now, there was no escape. I couldn’t run and I did not want to. Devon turned me to the wall and kissed me like I had never been kissed; I drank in the sweetness of his lips that melted me inside.
When I was on top of Devon, placing my arms around him, the sound of his laughter made my heart soar inside. I could kill you. I could love you to death. I could tell you how much I love you. I could choke you right now.
“I have better use for you,” I breathed hot in his ear. Devon lifted me up and plopped me down in front of him. I was the one who was defenseless. There was nothing I could do to stop what I was feeling inside. I wanted Devon to take me right there, if he could. It did not matter to me. We could both die, and nothing else mattered except this feeling.


Book Three in the Unbreakable Series
Unbreakable Together: New Adult Romance
Devon’s feelings for Erin became all too clear to him over the years. The little girl next door has blossomed into one of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen. Now he has to face his feelings for her once and for all.
But confessing his love to Erin puts him on a collision course that jeopardizes his future. Will Devon destroy his own future and those around him to be with the girl he loves?
Erin no longer pretends that Devon is her best friend. She wants him, and in no uncertain terms. But Devon is in the big leagues now, with a promising future in college football
and maybe more. In spite of their promises to stay together, they are now in two separate worlds that are pulling them apart every day. Will Erin let Devon go, or will they find a way to stay together against all odds?
*Warning* This series contains sexually explicit scenes. Mature audiences only!
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                                                                           ~~~ Excerpt~~~

“I wanted to give you a present.” She bit her lip and smiled at him. A wavy strand of her hair twisted in her fingers.
Devon’s eyes swept over her, sparkling and burning. His breath stalled as he drank in the sight of her.
“You invited me here for lunch,” he said with a smirk.
“Oh, that’s right,” she purred. “It’s over there.” She nodded her head towards the kitchen with a playful half-grin.
Devon walked into the house and pressed one hand into his pocket, looking towards the counter. Devon’s eyes narrowed as he spotted a single can of whipped cream. Erin had already been driving him crazy. Now flashing visions of spraying whipped cream all over her golden, glistening body was driving him into a state of delirium.
“I hope you brought your appetite.” She gave him a devilish grin.
Devon took a deep breath and took in the full vision before him. His eyes widened as he watched Erin reach for the whipped cream. She licked her lips as she prowled up to him. “Are you hungry?” she purred.
“Oh my.” His breath hitched.
Erin’s eyes sparkled as she shook the can and sprayed some on her index and middle fingers. She sucked her fingers with her soft, full lips.
She sprayed her fingers again and placed them to Devon’s lips.
“Taste. It’s sooo good.”
Devon pressed her fingers to his mouth and slowly licked the whipped cream from her fingers, pulling her into his mouth, sucking on her fingers and the delicious sweet taste of her skin mixed with the frothy sweet cream. Devon licked her fingers clean; his cheeks dented as he sucked on her fingers in a delicious indulgence.

                                                                        About the Author
Amanda Chayse is a Romance and New Adult author who has enjoyed writing since she was just a child daydreaming in school.
As she grew up, she focused on passionate stories of strong men and women, oftentimes facing impossible odds, and in relationships that made them even better together.
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