Exclusive Excerpt for 'Byronic' by Sandi Beth Jones


                                                        Byronic A Supernatural YA by Sandi Beth Jones

                                                                            Author: Sandi Beth Jones
                                                                           Title: Byronic (Book One)
                                                                            Genre: YA Supernatural
                                                                             ISBN: 9781623421335
                                                                       Release Date: June 24th, 2014
                                                                    Available in Paperback and eBook 

 When the creatures in her dark drawings come to life, Chelsea finds that the mysterious Geoff is the only person she can confide in. But she can't help wondering who she’s kissing: her tender confidant or the dangerous Byronic rebel bent on shocking his detached father.

Starting over in the South Carolina Lowcountry is just what sixteen-year-old Chelsea needs. Unfortunately, moving also means living with her mom's snobbish British novelist employer and his moody son Geoffrey. Knowing that her new home likely used to be a slave holding plantation doesn't make her feel any more at home.

Troubled and reckless after his brother's mysterious death, Geoff often mimics his father’s literary favorite, Lord Byron, acting "mad, bad, and dangerous to know." She's determined to keep her distance and buries herself in her art, though the darkness of her drawings troubles her and others who see them. When people in the Gullah and Geechee community point out that she has been drawing Boo Hags and haints -powerful and terrifying creatures of local legend and superstition- she starts to wonder about her own heritage and her connection to the Sea Islands. She begins to question her own grasp on reality when it seems those creatures start making their way out of her drawings and into real life. 

It's clear that Geoff has some secrets of his own, but he might be the only person she can confide in. Chelsea must decide who she can trust, when nothing in the Lowcountry is what it seems.


                                                                                     ~~~ EXCERPT ~~~

The next morning I drained my lifesaving Venti mocha latte and tossed the cup in the trash at the  school entrance. Inside, the hallway thinned out in time for the bell. And no sign of Geoff.  Stella frowned at me like I was wearing my bra on my head, so I scowled at her too.  “I didn’t sleep last night. Don’t ask,” I muttered as I grabbed the book for my first class and  ducked into the room.  On top of being scared to death at bedtime, I’d had to clean up the mess in the bathtub since
 Rose  didn’t arrive at the house until the next morning. I’d also stayed up to talk with Mom in my
 bedroom,  sharing about the weird things that had been happening with the sand. I also swore on
 everything I owned  that Geoff and I hadn’t been doing anything kinky in the bathroom. I think she bought it.    My courage failed though, when I considered telling her about the eerie voice and the person in  George’s bedroom. Living with my dad for sixteen years made me second­guess myself constantly, afraid  of saying something that would make people doubt my sanity. His condition was genetic, and I
 would  always be afraid of inheriting the illness. Mom had gotten her tubes tied just to be certain. She
 wouldn’t  take the risk with another child.  Under no circumstances, no matter how many pranks were played, would I share what I thought  I’d seen in the river with Mom.  After waiting impatiently for Geoff at breakfast, Dorothy informed me she’d be driving me back  and forth to school for a while. When I asked why, she merely said Geoff had gone to stay with his  mother.  Twenty ounces of espresso, milk, chocolate, sugar, and caffeine later—I wanted to kill something.  The something had a name: Geoff Ramsey.  How could he abandon me when I was being terrorized in his house?  I needed him, at least as a friend, now that things had gotten truly weird in Antonia. I knew he  didn’t like his dad much, didn’t like living under his roof, or having to be my wheels to school, but we'd  been doing okay together. At least for the last couple of days.  Maybe I’d only imagined it—like everything else—but I’d thought we were a little more than  okay. My stomach did back­flips when I remembered the way he’d stared deep into my eyes the night  before, the velvety­soft sound of his accent as he’d spoken my name for the first time and reassured me.

                                                                                  ~~~ Author Bio  ~~~

Born and raised in the American South, Sandi spent her youth reading Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, and  Agatha Christie. She spent many vacations traveling to Low Country South Carolina where she fell in love  with the local ghost stories and folklore.    Sandi currently lives in Arkansas with her husband, where she works as a high school teacher. She's  reviewed many YA novels for school library journals and has also published adult romance novels. 

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