Teaser Blitz for Going Under (Going Under #1) and Shallow (Going Under #2) by Georgia Cates

                                                                       GOING UNDER and SHALLOW

          Both books have newly written material that have moved them from YA to mature YA/NA.
                                                                        They are sexier and better.

                                                                    ~~~ GOING UNDER TEASER ~~~

                                                                             Claire Deveraux’s POV

He looks concerned when I don’t make a move toward the bed. “Are you sure this is what you want?”
I nod because I’m rendered speechless by the anticipation of sharing a bed with this beautiful man tonight.
I walk to my side of the bed and we turn back the linens, climbing in together. I roll onto my side to face him and prop my head in my hand. My bedside lamp gives off a dim glow but it’s enough to allow me a good look at him.
I examine his tattoo first. This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to really look at it in its entirety. It extends much further into his shoulder and chest than I guessed. I trace its intricate detail with my fingertips.
He smiles as my fingers glide over his skin. “Why are you so fascinated by my ink? It’s just a tattoo.”
“I’m not fascinated. I just really like it—a lot. I love what it says about you.”
“What exactly does it say about me?” he asks.
I trace a black curve with my finger. “That you don’t care what anyone thinks. You’re living for you, not everyone else or what they want for you.”
“I think you’re reading more into it. I really got it so the ladies would think I’m hot.” He smirks.
I feel a pang of jealousy when I think of Jesse with another girl touching him this way. “Just how many girls have seen your whole tattoo?” I’m questioning him about girls seeing his tattoo, but what I’m really asking is an entirely different question.
“Don’t go there, Claire. You won’t like the answer.” This is his way of warning me I won’t be able to handle the truth. Maybe I can’t. The thought of him sleeping with another girl makes me sick.

                                                                              ~~~ Shallow Teaser ~~~

                                                                                    Nick Hawke’s POV

I push aside a lock of hair in her face. I’m thinking she can’t be more beautiful but then she
 smiles and proves me wrong.
“You’re so damn beautiful.” I blurt it without thinking.
Where did that come from? I’ve never told any girl anything like that before––not even to get what I wanted from her.
She doesn’t say a word as she returns my stare.
This is a night of firsts for me. I’ve told a girl she’s beautiful––and meant it. Now, I’m about to ask her out on a date––a real one––because I like her and she’s interesting, not so I can get her into my back seat.
“I would really like to take you out.” She doesn’t reply. “I know Jesse’s told you to be leery of me but I promise I’ll be on my best behavior. I’ll be a … saint.” That brings a grin to her face. “You can choose where we go and what we do. Dinner? Movie? You name it. We’ll do whatever you want.”
Pleading for a date isn’t something I’ve ever done. I’m standing before this girl waiting for an answer with the highest of hopes.
Our slow song ends and “Scream” by Usher comes on. But I don’t let her go. We stand in the middle of the dance floor and I wait for her agreement.
“No.” That’s all she gives me before pushing away and leaving me staring after her.


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