Cover Reveal and Giveaway for 'Red Hot Blues' by Rachel Dunning


                                                                                   COVER REVEAL

                                                                                   RED HOT BLUES
                                                                                    Rachel Dunning

                                                                      Book Release Date: July 20, 2014

                                                                           RED HOT BLUES Synopsis

There's nothing sexy about me, except my voice.
I’m not attractive. I have short black hair and a plumpy body. Yes, black hair. Not dark brown, not brunette, plain black. I guess my eyes could be called an asset--they’re blue, a pretty cool blue I might add. But that’s not much when you’re pushing forty pounds over your ideal weight and the last time you wore a bikini was six months after you hit puberty and people made fun of you.
Right, I’m overweight. I’ve been on diets, cycled, done spinning, Atkins, running, jogging, jumping, breathing, crash-diet, yo-yo diet, no-sugar diet, no carbs diet, outright starvation, balanced diet, all-you-can-eat diet, sushi diet--
I eventually gave up.
I’m a dreamer. Always have been. But I’m not a go-getter.
The worst came when I was seventeen, when I was already fully developed, when I was sporting hormones that get you thinking about sex at all sorts of odd times of the day; when I was so hot for...Brett Lexington...that I would’ve done anything to be with him.
Brett was in the football team. Brett had girls drooling all over him. Brett got the blonde, the brunette, and the Latino girl with tits larger than melons.
Brett also got me. Completely.
And then he dumped me.
It scarred me for life.


Ace Travers:
The storm, the hurricane, the thunder and lightning in my head for a man I hate, a man I can’t think of because it burns my skin and hurts my heart, disappeared when I heard her voice.
Completely disappeared.
I need to hear that again. Peace. I need peace. I need peace in my mind. She brought that to me--a moment of it. But a moment is more than I’ve had in over a decade.
A decade of running.
A decade of fighting.
A decade. Of hating.
Before, as a kid, I ran away in my mind, through my music, in those adventure books I used to read. Now, I run for real, road after road after road. Looking for peace in a head filled with erupting volcanoes.
And finding none. 
Except tonight. 
It was there, peace--a moment, a precious, priceless, all-engulfing moment.
A man could hunt that moment like water in an arid, dying desert.
A man could hunt that moment like food for a starving body.
A man could hunt that moment like the seductive woman he desires, after years in jail, in prison, barricaded, alone, with no one. Except himself.
A man, finding it once, would hunt that moment if every army in the world stood in his way and barred him from it. Forever. Endlessly.
Peace. A moment.
I need to see her again.

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                                                                      5 e-book copies of RED HOT BLUES. 
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                                   And one set of both NAIVE MISTAKES and TRUTHFUL LIES trilogies. 
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