Book Review for 'The One (The Only One #1)' by Belle Ami

                                                                            The One (The Only One #1)
                                                                                         by Belle Ami
                                                                       Release date:February 10th 2014
                                                             Genre: Contemporary Romance/Suspense

How well do you really know the one you love? An erotic novel full of obsessive love, dark secrets, and unquenchable lust, Belle Ami’s The One proves that no one is quite who they seem.

Adelia, a rising star in the equestrian world, is still reeling from her parents’ deaths in a tragic car accident when she meets green energy investment banker Miles Bremen and his charming yet inscrutable twin sister, Karolin. With his insatiable lust, Miles ignites a passion within Adelia she never knew existed, and the two quickly find themselves entwined in a torrid affair that knows no bounds. Little does Adelia know, however, that her meeting of the Bremen twins was no accident. Carefully selected as “the one” for her unsettling resemblance to the emotionally and physically damaged Karolin, Adelia is targeted to marry Miles and bear the children that Karolin cannot have.

The One is a razor edge mystery that enfolds on the playgrounds of the super rich, from Trump Tower to the Hamptons and Palm Beach; to the Amalfi Coast aboard Miles’s mega-yacht Green Way, The One is irresistible as the reader is drawn into Adelia’s journey through a suspenseful – and erotic world. An edge-of-your-seat thriller that will leave readers breathless in more ways than one, The One is an irresistible journey through—new territory that fans of romantic fiction are bound to love.

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                                                                                           My Thoughts 
Belle Ami just blew my mind with The One. I have to admit, I was a little confused while reading the first chapter. But after reading the next few chapters, I understood what the first chapter was about and I'm glad I stayed with Adelia's story. By the middle of the book, I was into Adelia and Miles's story, and by the end I was hooked. I think the author explains the meaning perfectly behind this storyline in her blurb when she says: How well do you really know the one you love?

Miles's character is definitely true to those words. I can see the mystery behind this guy, even though I haven't figured him all the way out yet. And I also know I will not know who Miles truly is until the next book. This is a series, so you are not going to get all the answers in the first book. Miles did go into this relationship with Adelia with deceit in mind, but then we see how love changes him and the malice he intended for Adelia. But someone else’s lie becomes Miles's downfall, and the evil that was in him from before, that his love for Adelia was able to conquer, comes back in full fury to tear her apart. And I feel like that's where the first chapter in this story comes back into play, even though it was a little confusing for me at the beginning. But it now explains the evil that lives in Miles. And I think this was made clear in the last scene between Adelia and Miles when it all went to hell between them.

I also can see where Adelia was in a very vulnerable place in her life when she met Miles, and how easy it was for her to fall in love with someone as charming and daunting as Miles. But I love that David was in the background waiting for her, if there ever came a time that Adelia would need him. I can't wait to see how this turns out between Adelia and David in the next book, because it was heartbreaking where it left off in this first book.

I fell in love with Adelia, Miles and David, and the mystery and suspense surrounding them, and yes I am definitely hooked and must have the answers. I recommend The One as dark romance suspense must read.

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                                                                              About the Author
 Belle Ami is an accomplished pianist, world traveler, skier and gourmet cook. She lives in Calabasas, CA. She also has a self-published novel in another genre that was awarded Finalist for a major book reward.

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