Book Review and Teasers for 'A Perfect Ten (Forbidden Men, Book 5)' by Linda Kage

                                             A Perfect Ten (Forbidden Men, Book 5)
                                                                     by Linda Kage
                                               New Adult Contemporary Romance
                                                   Release date: March 30th, 2015

Let your hair down, Caroline, they said. It'll be fun, they said. 

I know I've closed myself off in a major way over the past year, ever since “the incident” where I messed up my life completely. It's past time I try to live again or just give up altogether. But this is quite possibly the craziest thing I've ever done. In a last ditch effort to invigorate myself, I'm standing outside Oren Tenning's bedroom, I just peeled off the sexiest pair of underwear I own, and my hand is already raised to knock. My brother would disown me for doing anything with his best friend, and he'd probably kill Oren. But if I play my cards right, no one will ever know about this. Not even Ten. 

Maybe after tonight, I’ll finally get over this stupid, irrational crush I hate having on the biggest jerk I’ve ever met. Or maybe I’ll just end up falling for him even harder. Maybe I’ll discover there’s so much more to my crude, carefree hunk than meets the eye.

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                                                                      (My Thought) 

Hold on to your heart…and your panties, ladies. Oren 'TEN' Tenning is going to steal both of them. Ten (Oren), the dirty talking, crude joking, womanizer, man-slut—and lets not forget major jerk—that I so fell in love with through the other Forbidden Men books. It's his turn for this bad boy to be reformed, and Caroline Gamble is just the feisty woman to do it. Caroline is the female version of Ten(Oren), minus the slut part. But when it comes to the dirty talking, smartass mouth,and sarcastic comebacks, she can stand her ground against the biggest jerk she ever met. It's her heart that's having a problem, because Oren Tenning is Caroline's perfect ten of a man. Caroline sees the sexy beautiful man underneath the bad boy persona, and she has fallen hard for the big jerk Oren, but his womanizing has got to go. 

Ten has kept a wall of steel around his heart. Love and that “one woman forever BS” that his friends fall for is not going to have him giving up his heart to just one woman. But like the saying goes, 'the harder they are the harder they fall'. And Ten falls like a ton of bricks for Caroline Gamble, the one girl he can't have. Hell, he can't even look at her too long or big brother Noel is going to make sure Ten's man junk never works again. 

Ten and Caroline's story is one I have been waiting for, and Linda Kage did not disappoint. I didn't think I could love this big beautiful jerk Ten(Oren) even more than I already did, but I do. But it's not all laughs with Ten and Caroline, and I did shed a few tears over these two broken hearts. I do have to say that I will never think of the state of West Virginia in the same way ever again and I fear if anybody says West Virginia I will more than likely start laughing my behind off at them. Thank you, Linda Kage, for that forever image in my mind, but it is a beautiful image.

It goes without saying that I love Linda Kage's
Forbidden Men series and I can't wait till the next book which is going to be Knox's story. Knox Parker is a new character and I can't wait to meet him. I highly recommend Ten and all the Forbidden Men and the ladies that tame these bad boys as a must read.

                                                             5 Hearts of love for Ten

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I grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now I live in Kansas with my husband, daughter, and our nine cuckoo clocks. My life's been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing's always been a major part my world, and I'm so happy to finally share some of my stories with other romance lovers. 
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