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Happily Ever Alpha Paranormal Romance Boxed Set: Sexy Shifters, Wickedly Cool Witches, Werewolves, Vampires, Gargoyles, Demons, Psychics, & More!
Publication date: January 26th 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance
When Once Upon A Time Isn’t Enough
Happily Ever Alpha – From Twenty-One NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling Authors
What’s Inside:
Professionally Edited and Formatted.
Limited Edition. Sale Ends Soon!
Fourteen HOT paranormal alpha-male romances and six additional kick-ass paranormal romance tales bundled together in one of the steamiest collections to date!
With twenty-one novels and novellas and over one million seductive words of fiction, this paranormal romance boxed set will leave you Happily Ever Alpha.
These hot heroes and tough as nails heroines will steal your heart and make your beg for more.
How about a little Heat to keep you warm this Winter?
Our first tagline was so hot, Amazon wouldn’t let us publish it here, but you can find that same heat burning inside the pages of this set. Treat yourself to a varied collection of hot, steamy, and passionate paranormal tales. This satisfying collection has something to excite all readers.
With sexy shifters, hot vampires, wickedly cool witches, and so much more, this boxed set will has titles that will either warm you up or set you on fire—Take your pick!
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Every selection in this rare, limited edition paranormal romance boxed set are full-length novels and novellas!
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Hi. My name is Amy Lee Burgess and I love to write paranormal romance novels.  I’m very excited to have my gargoyle shifter novel, Heart of Stone, in the Happily Ever Alpha box set.  Heart of Stone was truly a “heart” novel for me to write. I submerged myself in Deanna and Brendan’s world for months while writing this novel.
All along, I had definite actors in mind for all the main characters. I think Heart of Stone would make an awesome movie, and if I could cast the film, here is how it would go.

 Deanna Richmond – Dee is all about speed. She loves to race bikes and cars, but most especially she loves to fly in her gargoyle form. She typically wears her hair in a long braid to keep it out of her face and her outfit of choice is always jeans and a t-shirt. She doesn’t much like dressing up. She’s always felt a little behind in assimilating and interpreting human emotions. Until she meets her mate, Brendan, that is. He helps her understand what it means to be human.
I loved the Bond movie Casino Royale and was very struck by the actor who played Vesper – Eva Green.  I thought she’d make a perfect Deanna. 

 Brendan O’Malley – Brendan couldn’t wait to fledge into his human form so he could become a sculptor. He loves working in stone – he’s a gargoyle after all!  He’s a romantic soul and very lonely until he meets his fated mate, Deanna. Then she shows him what it means to be his gargoyle self, and he shows her what it means to be human. He’ll do anything to stay by her side, including putting his life on the line.
My biggest celebrity crush has to be Stuart Townsend. EEK!  So, of course, I pictured Brendan as Stuart. Have you ever seen him in a beard like this? 

 Hector – Hector is Dee’s mentor on Stone Mountain. He teaches her the basics of being a gargoyle shifter and acts as a surrogate father to his charges.  Dee’s father was absent most of her life, so Dee became very close to Hector, and when’s she in doubt she always thinks: What would Hector do in this situation? For some reason I pictured Hector as youngish Christopher Walken. I told one of my friends this and she said, “What? You’ve got Christopher Walken teaching your heroine how to be human?  Boy, is SHE screwed!” 
Every time I think about this, I can’t stop laughing. So, picture this guy teaching you how to be human!
The beauty of reading is that if you think I’ve miscast the roles, you can award them to anyone you please!  I hope you enjoy reading Heart of Stone as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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