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The Forgotten (Zola Flash #2)
by T. Marie Alexander
Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Release Date: June 7th 2016

Summary from Goodreads:

Her family
Her home.
Her sense of self.

Another home.
And Pin, the Payohlini she loves above all else.

With Renz gone and no one to command the Payohlini army, Zola assumed everything would go back to normal. Well, as normal as life could be for someone like her. The war should be over and her planet and people should be safe. Having accomplished what she set out to do—getting revenge for her family’s murder, she even dares to dream of days spent as a normal girl, of dates with Pin without them looking over their shoulders for flying swords. No more hiding, but living the kind of life she always thought she’d have.

With new responsibilities come new problems, though—as well as a Flash from her past that she didn’t see coming. 

One that threatens to change everything.

Zola thought she had nothing else to lose. Unfortunately, she’s about to get a galactic awakening.

No one ever said being a princess would be easy.


Slowly, I open my eyes. A hot, blue light beams down on me. Trying to rise, I realize my hands and feet are bound by strong, metal cuffs to a table I am lying on. My body is covered by a rough cotton sheet. “Somebody!” I call out. “Help!”
People wearing white masks come over to the table. They spread out, surrounding me. One of the masked people pulls out a knife as they remove the rough cotton sheet covering me.
As he slides the knife up my leg, a scream erupts from me. Another person holds me down and covers my mouth. I feel the knife cut a piece of my flesh, and staring at the man responsible, I scream against the smothering hand while tears pour down my face.
Thankfully, the pain does not last long. The tingling sensation of my body mending itself dances over my leg.
The one who took my flesh puts it in a glass container and sets it aside, but still my tears continue. I can’t believe this is actually happening. Pin and I tried our hardest to blend in with the people of New York. We were practically human. I even went to school. This isn’t one of Carmen’s science fiction movies. This is real. And it’s happening to me.
The U.S. Government is actually holding me captive. 

Book One 
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About the Author
Hi! I’m La’Teaikia, and I write YA Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Romance. I’ve been an avid reader since ninth grade when I first discovered Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight. I know, I know. Most people think sparkly vampires are just wrong. I am NOT one of those people.
Even though I’ve only been reading for a short time, unlike most authors, I’ve been writing since I was seven. And before you ask, that was fifteen years ago.
To me, everything have to be perfect, which is why it has taken me so long to publish my debut novel, Zola Flash. I tend to plan out and list everything. My husband think it’s excessive.
So with that being said, here are a few things you should know about me, other than what I’ve already said.
I live in the lonely state of Arkansas. I plan to move as soon as I complete my graduate degree, preferably someplace where Taylor Swift tours.
If you didn’t get the hint from my first point, I’m a HUGE Taylor Swift fan.
When I’m not reading or writing, I’m designing clothes and handbags and watching Doctor Who.
I’m a kid at heart. I love Barbie Movies. I love watching Disney Channel. However, them thinking that every movie they come out with needs to be a musical is a bit much.
Chocolate is my life. I’ll eat anything with chocolate . . . well, maybe not anything.

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